1 year premium for STICK ART!

trying to get a nice collage together for a hori tekken stick cover. theme is RX-7 from 92-95. winner will get 1 year premium. for those who dont know what this car looks like


anyways, post up and winner will get a year premium. thanks guys!

koo, count me in.


I guess I’m in. Got a layout/dimensions?

layout is for standard hori tekken stick. i dont have the actual cut-out sizes or files but im sure they arent too hard to obtain for all you art pros! if more than 1 of these is dope ill award 2 prizes. thanks :slight_smile:

Due date?

I’m sure something better will come along, but might as well give it a shot. Obviously i can post higher res ones if ya like it. If it’s the wrong car, blame google. :slight_smile:



@ poon,This is truly great work .
@ watson, how many holes on the right dude, 6 or 8

I thought it was supposed to be a collage of the RX-7’s in specific years.

hori tekken stick layout standard with 8 buttons please. and looking for like a view of front angled, back angles, and side view. maybe mix all 3 somehow. basically not looking for 1 big car across the whole stick. good effort though.

due date : hopefully june 6th???

well im the one making this stick for watson so when this art is done please upload the IMG with out the holes. and in a rectangle… that way when i trim it out itll come out cleaner.

man i never thought car stuff would be hella tight on a stick.

poon do you have those in PSD format or something i think i wanna do something with the first one. i like that one alot.

yeah, pm me your email. I’ll send em compressed.

Poon I have faith in you lol

speed racer movie inspired? LOL. poon you give up? cmon bro hook it up :slight_smile:

heh, I can do it, but a collage is serious business. They always take the pics in the same direction every time. speed racer movie tho, i’ll take that challenge! :slight_smile:

better? I mighta ran out of steam looking for good pics. :slight_smile:



i win

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