10,000 Hour Rule


I was reading this book, and it stated that, “in order to become a professional in your field, you need to spend 10,000 hours.” So I was wondering if that rule applies in Street Fighter. So if you can list how many years you been playing street fighter series (please just include the years you actually played street fighter series. ex: if you played for 3 years of street fighter 2 and took a break and played 1.5 years of street fighter IV, it would be 4.5 years in total), how many hours you played per week, and calculate how many hours you played, it would be awesome. If “PRO” players could participate, it would be cool to see.

Please list in this order:
how many years:
how many hours/week:
how many hours total:
List your Battle Point in PSN or X-box live:

Thank you for your participation and I hope many of you participate.


so, for me…

2.5 years of sf II and 1.5 year of sf IV.
14 hrs/week for sf II and 4 hr/week for sf IV
1820hrs of sfII and 312 hrs of sfIV = 2132 hrs.
Battle Point in PSN = 3200BP.

If I get enough results I will graph BP vs Hr spent and show you results. :slight_smile:


This not discussion Of a fighting game and doesn’t belong in “fighting game” discussion. Meta topics can go in general discussion or someplace else random. If you’re interested in BP, try the SF4 forum.