10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting


Picture of terrorist

If I can find the unblurred photo you can see what looks like some asian prostitue. Dude looks like he was getting shit faced in thailand or some shit.


Police are reporting multiple firearms at the scene.


You know the drill.

  1. Thoughts & prayers. But way too early to discuss the cause.

  2. Claim this was a gun free zone and that we need MORE guns for good concealed and carry citizens to prevent things like this from happening again…Even though they still continue to happen with STILL yet proof shown otherwise of the claim that helps prevent such said tragedies whether if they’re carrying or not regardless =/

  3. Divert the topic to ‘mental health issues’ If the person is white, Thug Black lives matter terrorist if the person is black, and ISIS extremist if the person is middle eastern all while in the same breath / on the same day CHEERING the repeal of mental health care for the poor, sick, indigent, and undeserved in non red states.

  4. NRA gets to sell more guns (and now silencers)

  5. liberals are crybabies.

  6. And of course…Blame Obama.
    Rinse & repeat.


Rumor has it the shooter is White…as with ALL mass shooters in America. Mental illness strikes again. =/



funny thing is that helps dodge getting hit. at least…according to every drunken fist kung fu movie ive seen.

no seriously tho. this is terrible.


i think that they should make military assault rifles harder to get by making folks sign a million forms to be allowed to have one. not so much banning but say…“hey! sure you can have one. but you need to fill out 1 million forms and pay really expensive permits.”

like…you can get a sword in japan, but you gotta fill out a ton of forms and pay really expensive permits. which is why not many have swords over there. legal to get but not easy to obtain.

cause if the govt states saying “lets ban this. lets ban that.” folks that are pro assault rifles, like NRA get all…lobbyist and always kill legislation. but whatever.


I saw on the news that they are still looking for an Asian female that was his roommate/accomplice.


Things like this make me really heartbroken for the victims and their families. Like the coward he is, the killer popped himself, but at least we don’t have to worry about him anymore. But the wounded and witnesses never going to be the same mentally or emotionally.

When I was in Afghanistan (and I’m sure anyone else that deployed here knows what I’m about to say) we got attacked often but that was war. To just be at a concert, having a good time and someone decides to senselessly shoot into crowd, though? Those people will never feel truly safe again. My heart goes out to the victims, their families and the community.


What a fucked up way to start the week. RIP to the dead.

Like clockwork, fuckin Fake news propaganda at it like a hawk.


she is no longer a person of interest bro. It’s right there in the link I shared.

White folks from my hometown already making excuses about mental health reform for this cracker.


they found her but theyre saying she wasnt involved.


I hate how people don’t use the terrorism word for white people.

It was a domestic terrorist attack. Pure and simple.


Terrorist hasn’t been used for a white person since Timothy McVeigh, that was nearly 22 years ago.


Let’s get ready to play. Here’s a sheet for all of you.


Prayers for Sin City.

But seriously, that’s fucked up.
Pathetic piece of shit had to off himself too.


Judging by the sound and the amount of rounds fired, the suspect was most likely using an M60.


things ive read in comment sections of this tragedy.

ban trump
revenge for harambe
dont ban guns, ban country music concerts that last 3 days straight while youre trying to sleep in your expensive hotel
who knows. maybe the guy lost alot at poker to a guy wearing a cowboy hat.


I want to know how in the fuck this guy was able to obtain such a powerful weapon and not set off anyone’s watch lists or other protocols that are supposed to go in effect…


Criminals are NOT going to observe Gun laws. The way the underground gun market is, its only a question do you have enough cash for one.

You know why the automatic Minigun is still legal, it cost thousands of dollars in Ammo to shoot one for a few minutes, only the super rich can even afford one.
There also only 11 ever made for civilian use.

You know who has the strictest gun laws in the western Hemisphere, Mexico. Only legal sellers, buyers and traders of arms and ammunition is the Mexican Federal government, and it’s handled by their military.
How much gun crime Mexico still sees? Mexico makes our Vegas Shooting looks like a slow tuesday.


A co-worker of my wife was there, and shot 3 times. Apparently shes in a medically induced coma, was shot in her jaw and her liver. She works at one of the local high schools as ASB director, I’ve met her plenty of times doing school events. Hoping she pulls through.



So stop.

PS - Those are each individual links. Have fun reading.