10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting


It’s always two kinds of comments

“he seemed like a normal guy…didn’t think he would do something like that”


“I always felt like there was something seemed weird about him.”


You get that in everything now, even games. Not so much literature if you know where to look but movies, games, television, they’re all so afraid you’ll miss the point they thrust it in your face. I find the point tends to be more effective when people have to look. A really clever allegory can change how people think.


Being desensitized happened a loony time ago. Sandy Hook happened and still nothing new. The shock here is the number of people hit.


@raz0r that gun nut bingo pic is scarily accurate. I can literally spam that pic on my facebook feed when people are foaming at the mouth and just point out a square. XD

I know they gotta be sooooo pissed.


Yes I allow a single gun sale to happen, thousands if not tens of thousands of them happen every day.

Yes I allow someone I know to take a loophole to buying guns. Although they loophole they taken is to get parts for cheaper, the gun itself is perfectly legal in the state. Not everyone who buys guns is automatically psychopath. The weapon only have a safety and fire settings and no 3 round burst or automatic setting, also their magazines are 10 round capacity not the 30 you see with military models.
They are still registered and obtain legally, thus No law is broken.

As for the exact loophole, you know what I forgot. It has been like 8 or 9 months and I can’t expected to remember the legal loopholes other people have done in the past.

Still feel like being a self righteous dick about it?

Got something with a real point to say? No then shut up.

You know for a fee, you can remotely operate a fully automatic weapon on a gun range over the internet. There a Company in Nevada that does it, you have limited turning/aiming range to move and someone on site can do easily do an override and disable the weapon if necessary. You still have to pay for ammo and all range fees, as well as the service charge for someone to set up the gun for you and cleaning up spend casings.



I guess I’ll catch up on this abortive, likely petty clusterfuck of a thread over the weekend.

In the meanwhile, before I go for my exercise, I figured that if I’m going to bother modding here at all, then I might as well do something productive instead of just being pseudo-restrictive. As such, two things have changed:

  1. The thread has been stickied with a new, more accurate title and will remain as such for at least a week, around which time I expect the country to collectively get distracted or otherwise lose interest even if something else horrible doesn’t happen, especially given we have an attention-whore for President now.
  2. I have edited the original post to include an alphabetical list of all the victims now that they have been confirmed, though I imagine there are still some things that need to be fixed and polished. My thanks to PBS Newshour for basically being the only news broadcast as a whole who has talked about the victims and pretty much only victims beyond CNN’s Anderson Cooper instead of glorifying the killer, whose name I was extremely tempted to delete from the original post, with attention while the media “wonders” about his “reasons” as if they’re going to ultimately mean a damn and justify shooting all these people. Gotta get those ratings though.

I would have asked @“Disciple of Ryu” for his permission to edit the original post, but given he’s gone four days without updating the front post, I assume either he’s busy or he’s already given up the thread for one reason or another, not that I would blame him. Outside of the aforementioned excising of a dead Youtube link, the initial post is still more or less intact in the first post anyway in spoilers.

For anyone who actually cares, here is a list of victims as compiled by myself and as put into the first post. Please point out any errors. The list of victims is in alphabetical order with their known ages, if any, and other potential miscellaneous information put in parentheses:

[]Hannah Ahlers (34)
]Heather Alvarado (32)
[]Dorene Anderson
]Michael Anderson
[]Carrie Barnette (34)
]Jack Beaton (54)
[]Steven Berger (44)
]Candice Bowers (40)
[]Denise Burditus
]Sandy Casey (35)
[]Andrea Castilla (28)
]Denise Cohen (??; wife of Derrick Taylor)
[]Austin Davis (29; possibly listed as Austin Meyer elsewhere)
]Thomas Day Jr. (54)
[]Christiana Duarte (22)
]Stacee Etcheber (50)
[]Brian Fraser (39)
]Keri Lynn Galvan (31)
[]Dana Gardener (52)
]Angie Gomez
[]Rocio Guillen (40)
]Charleston Hartfield (34)
[]Chris Hazencomb (44)
]Jennifer Topaz Irvine
[]Nicol Kimura (38)
]Jessica Klymchuk (34)
[]Carly Kreibaum (33)
]Rhonda LeRocque (42)
[]Victor Link (55)
]Jordan McIldoon (23)
[]Kelsey Meadows (28)
]Calla Medig (28)
[]Sonny Melton
]Patricia Mestas (67)
[]Adrian Murfitt (35)
]Jenny Parks
[]Rachael Parker (33)
]Carrie Parson
[]Lisa Patterson (46)
]John Phippen
[]Melissa Ramirez (26)
]Jordyn Rivera (21)
[]Quinton Robbins (20)
]Cameron Robinson (28)
[]Lisa Romero-Muniz (48)
]Christopher Roybal (28)
[]Brett Schwanbeck (61)
]Bailey Schweitzer (20)
[]Laura Shipp
]Erick Silva (21)
[]Susan Smith (53)
]Tara Roe Smith (34)
[]Brennan Stewart (30)
]Derrick “Bo” Taylor (56; husband of Denise Cohen)
[]Kurt Von Tillow (55)
]Neysa Tonks
[]Michelle Vo (32)
]Bill Wolfe Jr.


I saw a little bit of coverage on some of the people that saved lives by rescuing wounded.

The majority of the coverage (here at least) is focused on Trump, the gun lobby and the shooter.


theres alot more hispanics in that list than i expected.

uh…why did this thread get stickied to the top of the gd page tho?


I dont see this thread needing a sticky.

Where the sticky for Puerto Rico ?


(Ah. I forgot to note that Derrick “Bo” Taylor and Denise Cohen were husband and wife? I will edit my last post and the original post to reflect this.)

Darksakul, there isn’t a Puerto Rico thread at all. Otherwise I would sticky that one too given they’re going to be fucked over until at least next March.

So either make a competent one to prove that you supposedly care or kindly shut the fuck up. I know you never seem to tire of talking out of your gaping asshole, but Athena Christ, you could at least pretend to have some decency and blather in some other thread that doesn’t revolve around a bunch of people dying.

As for this thread, it doesn’t “need” a sticky, but there’s no harm it getting one for week to a month given there’s no other thread that currently deserves one and all of facts aren’t out about this yet even as much as I don’t care about giving the gunman any attention. If anything, then this just reminds me that I should un-sticky Shatterstar’s thread given I stickied that almost a year ago and he is unfortunately not getting any less dead.

It’s unfortunately the same here. Outside of PBS Newshour and Anderson Cooper’s show on CNN, the majority of the coverage is focused on the shooter and non-responses of the other two still living assholes you mentioned.

I forget. Where are you again, @“FrostyAU”? Australia?

It’s not too surprising, really, when you realize that almost half of the people–26 IIRC–who died were from southern California and even the most incompetent Americans knows that southern California has a lot of Hispanics.


There was a point and you just proved my point. What was that you ask? People who cry wolf about loopholes typically don’t know what the fuck their talking about since they don’t know what the actual loopholes are.

Buying rifle parts from state-to-state is not illegal. Everything you said, is not a loophole. I (or anyone for that matter) can buy all the fucking parts i/they want except for one thing…

The actual gun portion of the firearm. As stated previously, without that one portion, those parts don’t do a damn thing. And again, no FFL possessing business is stupid enough to ship a serial numbered gun portion to someone directly. It must go FFL to FFL. If your “friend” was magically getting these serial labeled gun portions sent to him/her directly at his house (which he wasn’t because that shit is tracked), THAT wouldve been a loophole. And because of the tracking, said friend would’ve been in a federal prison, the FFL holder who sold the part would lose their license and all staff would be held liable.

Example, I can go buy barrels, handguards, bolt carrier groups, the upper, adjustable stock, etc, ordered from other states and have it sent to my home but the moment I want to buy the lower, cue the sound of a car slamming on the brakes. I can’t go to gunbroker (or any online gun dealer) and order a AR15 lower and have them to send it to me at my home address. The first thing they’ll ask is “what FFL is this going to and do you have a copy of their FFL license?”

I won’t address anything else I mentioned in my previous posts since there’s no need.

I’m willing to bet that whatever you think are loopholes, aren’t loopholes at all. Next time, if you’re going to discuss shit like this, know what the fuck you’re talking about.


Someone mentioned a new theory besides Islamic terrorism (even though we know that when the investigation concludes, it will be Islamic terrorism); the new theory is that this shooting was a mob/mafia hit


You first. :coffee:


@The Damned

Yeah Australia. We actually get PBS Newshour here, it’s on SBS which is a government special interest channel. Not a lot of people watch it but I catch it on my lunch sometimes.


I don’t think the media should be so quick to label this guy a terrorist. He committed mass murder, but it wasn’t against a specific group, nor was there a motive beyond just wanting to kill a bunch of strangers. Terrorism is, simply put: a public act (up to and including destruction of property, violence, and mass murder) that incites fear for the furthering of a political or religious agenda. Just because an act kills more than one person and people were afraid during the commission of said act doesn’t automatically qualify the incident as terrorism. That’s just some knee-jerk sheep shit. This dildo acted alone, had no demands, and instead of remaining at large, threatening to do it again, he topped himself. Now if there was a note reading like “I am one of many. We will keep doing this until you are afraid to even leave your homes unless you hear and bow to these demands, signed, whatever group” in the guy’s room/facebook page/…myspace (hey, he WAS crazy), ok, sure: Terrorism.

Weird how people without spare money think being rich makes life sublime, while people WITH money to burn seem to be prone to becoming suicidal/sociopathic nutbags.


mo money mo problems


Good video


…I miss when Cracked was entertaining, instead of being a political mouthpiece.


i miss when cracked was just a more gross not-as-well-drawn version of mad magazine


Stephen Molyneux puts together more of the facts and information.