10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting


Judging by the sound and the amount of rounds fired, the suspect was most likely using an M60.


things ive read in comment sections of this tragedy.

ban trump
revenge for harambe
dont ban guns, ban country music concerts that last 3 days straight while youre trying to sleep in your expensive hotel
who knows. maybe the guy lost alot at poker to a guy wearing a cowboy hat.


I want to know how in the fuck this guy was able to obtain such a powerful weapon and not set off anyone’s watch lists or other protocols that are supposed to go in effect…


Criminals are NOT going to observe Gun laws. The way the underground gun market is, its only a question do you have enough cash for one.

You know why the automatic Minigun is still legal, it cost thousands of dollars in Ammo to shoot one for a few minutes, only the super rich can even afford one.
There also only 11 ever made for civilian use.

You know who has the strictest gun laws in the western Hemisphere, Mexico. Only legal sellers, buyers and traders of arms and ammunition is the Mexican Federal government, and it’s handled by their military.
How much gun crime Mexico still sees? Mexico makes our Vegas Shooting looks like a slow tuesday.


A co-worker of my wife was there, and shot 3 times. Apparently shes in a medically induced coma, was shot in her jaw and her liver. She works at one of the local high schools as ASB director, I’ve met her plenty of times doing school events. Hoping she pulls through.



So stop.

PS - Those are each individual links. Have fun reading.


lmao ISIS recruiting old white men now.



Reading individual links? Fuck that shit, who has the time.
And fuck you for thinking anyone going to sit down and read all that shit.

Also Mexican criminals buy guns from Americans
Criminals don’t respect laws duh. They will find their guns despite the legal restrictions.
Became money talks.


You are being willfully obtuse. Keep it up and back to ignore you go.

You used a tired and constantly debunked idea that stricter laws don’t mean better gun control. Those laws would work IF your neighbor didn’t provide a steady supply of firearms with little government oversight.

Let’s even put this in context within the US. Those cities conservatives hate so much because of tight gun control? They are always brought into the spotlight when it comes to gun crime, but they never mention where those guns come from. Here’s a hint: they don’t actually come from the city. It’s the neighboring states, with lax to no gun control laws, who sell it to someone and get them brought over.

I’ve brought this up maybe 15 times in the last year, but apparently no one wants to listen if it goes against everything they understand of the world.


I don’t think bringing an automatic weapon into a hotel is legal in the first place. I’m more concerned as to how in the fuck that slips by.


What do you mean? Hotels don’t have metal detectors. Although I’m sure when I go to Mandalay Bay next year I’m gonna have to go through a battery of security checkpoints.

Also, hotels, by law IIRC, cannot have cameras in their hallways due to privacy reasons. So really all he had to do was put it into a suitcase and since there are thousands of people checking into hotels in Vegas a day, who is going to look at one guy?


This shooting is fucked up but seeing dudes that post on SRK regularly having people that area is disturbing.


Lots of us go to Mandalay Bay. That’s where EVO is held. So yeah it’s awful knowing that may happen to any of us.

Shit like this is why I hate traveling for work, but you can’t let the terrorists win.


he’s white. old. had some amount of money. and looks like an average typical midwestener.
not trying to be racist but…
if this guy came into a gun shop looking like this…

he wouldve raised a few eyebrows maybe.

also, LOL at ISIS claiming responsibilty for the shooting.
so ISIS outsourcing terrorism now?


enjoy next year’s EVO.
great. now you have intrusive strip searches on top of the smelly smash community to contend with.


mexicans get their guns from america obviously.
the sell south american drugs to americans, to get american currency from americans, to buy american guns from americans…

but americans wanna state that americans are innocent of the mexican crime problems.



There was security each year it was there. This year they also checked to make sure you didn’t bring in your own food and beer lololol.

Fuck paying $11 a cup of shitty Bud. I went to the store a bit down the strip and brought a good amount of beer to the venue with no problem in 2016. We stay poverty, son!


My condolences man. No one deserves what happened to those people.


It’s worth noting the guy was felling people from 400+ yards out. Like… Even shooting from elevation how does a civilian have a gun with that kind of firerate, range and ammo capacity. It just defies belief honestly.


Make bullets cost $5,000 each. Seriously, Rock was on to something.