10/01/2017 Las Vegas Strip Shooting


I have a friend that works events for Mandalay Bay. I hope she’s doing ok.


My friend’s cousin that plays the lion in Siegfried and Roy’s show says that no one gives a fuck.


I’m looking at videos and you see people casually walking away from the gunfire and then you notice it’s cause they’re drunk with a beer in hand


This pitiful fuck fired at the crowd from the 32nd floor hotel balcony. Those people sadly had no chance. I’m glad they neutralized this piece of shit, but I’m wondering if anyone else was involved.


Holy shit. I was literally just there not even 3 days ago for work.

This is the second time I’ve been near a terrorist attack simply because work has taken me there.


My buddy is on the strip right now, says they just let him out of the lockdown.


Bruh that video made it seem like it wasn’t shit. Now I gotta check on my ppl smfh


(At present, supposedly 50 people are “confirmed” dead already. I’m not sure whether that number includes the shooter, but I’m sure it is subject to change one way or the other, for better or for worse–probably for worse, unfortunately.)

Hmmm…I’m not sure what’s worse: that literally the first thing I thought was “man, OJ snapped again a lot faster than I expected” or that the second thing I thought was “well, we have been overdue for a mass-shooting in America, so…”.

Regardless, it’s now time to patiently sit back and wait for people to spin and politicize this for their various agendas, furthering the divide in this country even more. :coffee:


It’s a bit mind boggling to hear the news, considering that I live not too far away from the Las Vegas Strip. Jesus…


This is horrific so many lives lost, BBC saying it’s some 60+ year old shooter.

Well this photo just has me confused, is it stupid millennials or scared policing?


Yet there will be no legislation on automatic weapons. America!


The weapon that the terrorist used was estimated to cost 65k and is extremely hard to get a hold of, but apparently not hard enough.


You say that as if those things are mutually exclusive, though of the two, it’s probably more the latter on top of “confused policing” and “drunk millennials”.

Oh well. At least the police didn’t make things worse this time by accidentally shooting anyone except presumably the actual shooter. Hurray for low standards, though in fairness they seem to have taken out the person allegedly in question relatively quickly.


Picture of terrorist

If I can find the unblurred photo you can see what looks like some asian prostitue. Dude looks like he was getting shit faced in thailand or some shit.


Police are reporting multiple firearms at the scene.


You know the drill.

  1. Thoughts & prayers. But way too early to discuss the cause.

  2. Claim this was a gun free zone and that we need MORE guns for good concealed and carry citizens to prevent things like this from happening again…Even though they still continue to happen with STILL yet proof shown otherwise of the claim that helps prevent such said tragedies whether if they’re carrying or not regardless =/

  3. Divert the topic to ‘mental health issues’ If the person is white, Thug Black lives matter terrorist if the person is black, and ISIS extremist if the person is middle eastern all while in the same breath / on the same day CHEERING the repeal of mental health care for the poor, sick, indigent, and undeserved in non red states.

  4. NRA gets to sell more guns (and now silencers)

  5. liberals are crybabies.

  6. And of course…Blame Obama.
    Rinse & repeat.


Rumor has it the shooter is White…as with ALL mass shooters in America. Mental illness strikes again. =/



funny thing is that helps dodge getting hit. at least…according to every drunken fist kung fu movie ive seen.

no seriously tho. this is terrible.


i think that they should make military assault rifles harder to get by making folks sign a million forms to be allowed to have one. not so much banning but say…“hey! sure you can have one. but you need to fill out 1 million forms and pay really expensive permits.”

like…you can get a sword in japan, but you gotta fill out a ton of forms and pay really expensive permits. which is why not many have swords over there. legal to get but not easy to obtain.

cause if the govt states saying “lets ban this. lets ban that.” folks that are pro assault rifles, like NRA get all…lobbyist and always kill legislation. but whatever.


I saw on the news that they are still looking for an Asian female that was his roommate/accomplice.


Things like this make me really heartbroken for the victims and their families. Like the coward he is, the killer popped himself, but at least we don’t have to worry about him anymore. But the wounded and witnesses never going to be the same mentally or emotionally.

When I was in Afghanistan (and I’m sure anyone else that deployed here knows what I’m about to say) we got attacked often but that was war. To just be at a concert, having a good time and someone decides to senselessly shoot into crowd, though? Those people will never feel truly safe again. My heart goes out to the victims, their families and the community.