10/10/09 NYC SF4 tourney.(pnt)

Hey guys I’m back now,mentally and I miss you… So lets have a tournament!

I haven’t’ figured out the Prizes yet for the ranbat and I need to before Marn slits my throat and splits my face open.

Anyway here are the details.

Where:137 E13th street, New york NY-
What console: xbox 360
how much: 10
What type: double elimination 2 out 3 until finals then 3 out of 5
banned: no one

The brackets will be online and i’ll testing some stuff for my good buddy Dave over at Challonge. I’ll be using his site to manage my brackets, and if you’re an organizer you should too. Fuck Tio.

So with that said sign up here. I’ll be using CLP to seed from here on out.


Will be there. I think though that you should talk to adnan because he is throwing a tournament the same day.

Have things been worked out yet?

What time does this start?

im interested…wat time? wat trains run around there?

I believe the the tournaments usually start around 1/1:30. I think most trains run around there, you just have to get to 14th street.

This will conflict with adnan - lots going to his already including myself

Oh wow, just saw that now. I wonder what happens to this