[10/10] 4th SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN! NYC

guys its been a while but i am back and ready to get the community back together for SF4 bar fights.
Lets make this one bigger and better than the rest; cant wait to see new and old faces so lets start jumping in the training room.
Also don’t forget Castle fights which is on 10/24, run by SweetJohnnyCage “i will be there”

Saturday, Octobert 10th
Street Fighter IV TOURNAMENT
pre-reg 12:00 and tourney will start at 2:00 PM “Lets be on time”

Rain "bar and lounge"
124 Ave O between west 6th and west 7th street
Brooklyn, NY 11204

use http://www.hopstop.com
if taking the N train, get off at Bay Parkway (thanks Vizard)
Entry Fee**
$10 and $10 Venue fee

1st. 70%
2nd. 20%
3rd. 10%

double elimination with 2/3 matches
winners/losers final will be 3/5
Grand finals will be 3/5

360 console
Controllers- BYOC
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

i will use software to randomize the brackets so its RANDOM !!

50 inch LCD HDTV and a 42 inch LCD HDTV which is run through HDMI

There is no age limit required and no players are BANNED!
Everyone also needs to respect the lounge when inside
if anyone has any additional info that they want to add message me or just reply on the forum.

i missed the first 3 but i should be able to make this one.
count me in

Hoping to see you there zohta

For anyone who is wondering whether this is worth the trip/money, I can say that the venue is excellent, the competition is excellent, the set-ups are excellent… I’m not sure if I will be back in NYC by this time. I probably won’t be because my birthday is the 11th and I’ll probably spend it with the 'rents in AL, but if I’m back in the area I’m there… if not, I’ll definitely be at the fifth barfights :smiley:

my birthday is on the 12th, well happy birthday in advance if you don’t come out.

I’m gonna come out to this one.

Oh thanks dude, you too! My dad’s is the sixteenth, my late dog’s was the first, and John Lennon’s is the ninth… plus astrologists say that Libra/October is the best birth month, so basically, we rule. :smiley:

good bday gift to myself by showing lol

happy bday to the both of you btw. mine is the 7th

not sure i should come anymore…my bday’s in november

hey mariodood, dont you want to face my sim :frowning:

lol im comin im comin


Such indecisiveness -_-

I might be busy that weekend, but if not I’ll be there.

less than 3 weeks, I AM READY

edit: Yay! I have to work this saturday.

this tourney is closer than we think

might be getting a live stream, MIGHT

who else is stopping by? I’ll remember not to jump.

Sounds really nice Adnan. Gonna try to make it if I can level up some more lol.

yea adnan!!!