[10/10] 4th SF4 Bar-Fight Tournament at RAIN!! NYC


so first off thanks to everyone who attended’. Was fun to see everyone and this tourney, was really hype, lolz. so now i need to decide a 5th bar fight because its so fun. Any way let me get to the results since that’s the importance over here.


1 ricosuave : (abel)
2 rahsaan : (honda, sim, seth, gen)
3 kevin : (honda, gief, sakura, guile, ken) <<LOL
4 aqua
5 swift
5 mariodood
7 aulord
7 damdi
9 adnan
9 dmystic
9 hackermike
9 joe
13 gecho
13 falemamt
13 chemistforhire
13 kdz
17 Bchan
17 roland

Yo KDZ you see that scoops!!
also Chris Hu for his fine words and Seb for the live stream
Frame Advantage was here


Good Shit!


Rico your Abel was on point - good stuff


Good stuff from the stream, too bad I couldn’t make it out.


well done and the venue was nice and cozy thanks for the games :slight_smile:


Yo my name is spelled Rahsaan, and tourney was godlike


nyc honda party!

ricosuave playing on stick yet?


nope not yet. I am sure once we do get him a stick hes be rocking on it.

Congrats Rico for another win for DMG.


LoL good shit rico :: high fives ::


what happened kdz?


I got scraped up, lol.
Great Cammy places me in losers, and I lose to Damdai to get peaced out.

If it’s any consolation, I won a big money match against the guy who won.


Videos available at www.frame-advantage.com (sometime this week, that URL will hit up the website rather than the youtube page <3)

I’ll probably upload them quicker this time to get them out of the way while I prepare for SB4

Good event Adnan!


Gs rico I think we are ready for sb4 this week…lets get it:cybot:

Team IFC

=to pringles:smokin:


GS Rahsaan, Aqua, Mario, Aulord, Adnan. I was going to come to this but I ended up having to go to the hospital (stupid non-drug related story that I will refrain from posting at this time) :frowning: It was awful but I’m fine. Glad the turnout was solid, I look forward to the next one.

Oh and happy birthday, Adnan. Hope yours is good (mine was).


Good shit, Rico.

And yo, chat went wild in the stream when Mariodood counterpicked Aqua with Sagat. Lol.

Wasn’t it like… $15?


It was $50.


lol, it was hard to focus because everyone was making me laugh


them 3 letters is legendary for real

Ill back this team ne amount at sb4 against neone(except a handful of peeps i know)