10/10 Playground's Mississauga Tourney


Was a fun tournament, congrats to rebello for winning and thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks RXS for helping me with the brackets and cleaning up after. I hope you all enjoyed the tourney and hope to have future ones at the same venue except with a larger attendance.


1: Rebelo
2: Blitzman
3: LedHendrix
4: Shane
5: Alex
5: Buddha
7: PsychoCronic
7: Maikoza
9: Teddy
9: SacoNutz
9: DarthPaul
9: John
13: Mikey
13: Tsuroka
13: SexyViper
13: Sleep
17: Dunno
17: RedisonFire
17: RXS
17: HondaSweat
25: RyanFw


:shake: Please tell me that 9th place Teddy isn’t Daflipmasta. :shake:

That’s a hell of a turnout for Thanksgiving weekend and almost no tournament regulars in the mix. Where do all these new kids keep coming from?


this guy deserves a hand. He ran brackets for a game he didn’t even care for playing. Good job. Crowd was good today.

And not a lot of NEW faces per say but a lot of faces who are newer to our community. Still a lot of fun. Got to play casuals for once lol


good shit

to rebello… next time ill have weed =D lol GG always a pleasure playing you

Led = Abel Technology… Toronto’s Shiro bout to pull some new innovative shit GG’s man

Skywalker & Tsuroka fun matches both the characters I play so much ryu/rog … gg’s

Btw vince wanna send me the results for Getty even though it was only 11 teams lol


yes yes mad props to my dog rebelo congrats!
keep doin ur thing led
blitz u scrub losing to guile!


Yea that was me I got the most godlike shamwow to the eye

I still don’t believe it


wow led in 3rd ? who let that happen


Your FACE let that happen!

Props to playground for putting together a nice tournament. The setups were great. 6 no-lag monitors, all in a row. The room they had it in had plenty of space. Anyone who has second thoughts about playgrounds should definitely put them to rest.



Good shit rebelo, real top player.


Good shit, Led!


1: Rebelo -Guile
2: Blitzman - Rufus/Cammy/Sagat/Seth
3: LedHendrix - Abel
4: Shane - Ryu/Sagat
5: Alex - Sagat
5: Buddha - Seth/Rufus
7: PsychoCronic - Rose
7: Maikoza - Gen
9: Teddy - Rufus
9: SacoNutz - Elfurte
9: DarthPaul - Ryu
9: John - Balrog
13: Mikey - Chun li
13: Tsuroka - Balrog
13: SexyViper - Zangief
13: Sleep - Akuma
17: Dunno - ?
17: RedisonFire - Ken
17: RXS - Sagat
17: HondaSweat - Honda
25: RyanFw - Akuma


thanks for everyone coming out. This tourney was pretty sick everyone had shit loads of casuals in and the set up and astopshere was sick. all the set up there where the same no lag on any of them.


i must come to the next one to bad i was workin =/