10/11/03 Portland SFA3 results


1st - RayBladeX
2nd - Brian J
3rd - DannyCat
4th - Andrew S
5th - DirtyShin
5th - Rairu
7th - bakemono
7th - Shinryujin
9th - Nakima
9th - ICD-3
9th - Mark W
9th - Justin Q
13th - James T.
13th - Eric Randomkid

But everyone wanted to watch the SvC tourney anyway. :lol:

Final four details: Ray beats Brian 3-0 in winners bracket finals using V-Ryu against A-Rose. After losing my first match 0-2, I make it to the losers brackets semifinals and beat Andrew 3-1, switching to A-Zangief to cruise through V-Chun and V-Sakura. Brian wins the losers bracket finals 3-2: first his A-Rose beats my A-Sakura 2-0, continues to beat my A-Zangief 2-1, then I win the next two rounds only to lose 0-2 in the fifth set against his V-Sakura.

Ray keeps V-Ryu throughout the finals, while Brian starts off with X-Rose(loses 1-2), then switches to V-Sakura for the next four rounds, Ray 2-1, Brian 2-0, Ray 2-0, Ray 2-1.

And, right when the tournament starts, some random little kid walks by and decides to join the tournament. After getting pasted by Rairu in two 2-0 sets, he leaves and I give him $2 out of pocket, so all in all we had about 13 and a half people in this one.