10/11 Denjin Arcade x Triumvir GGAC Tourney -Simi Valley CA

On Saturday on October 11th at 4pm, Denjin Arcade and Triumvir will host a Street Fighter 4 Tournament, we will be throwing a GGAC tournament along with this.

Entry fee is $5

Pay per play (.25 cents)

Double Elim, best 2/3 & 3/5 on grand finals

Prize payouts from pot is: 60/30/10

Sign ups will start at 3pm

Triumvir will also be there for the SF4 tourney they are helping to throw at Denjin that day. Find out more about that here:


Visit http://www.triumvir3.com

Denjin Arcade is located at:
995 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065

Good Luck & See you soon!

-Tha Hindu

tushar come 2 norcal. I got ur housing and party life COVERED.

Beware Potemkin!!!

:lol: Neeezy, what’s up man. I’m coming up there late next month (around Thanksgiving). I’ll hit you up man, gotta get on that Cable Guy sister action :lovin:.

Ahhh, my Slayer doesn’t stand a chance :sad:.

-Tha Hindu

i’ll see who i can get from below irvine to come to this.

personally i’m totally down and wanna check out denjin anyway.

i’m down for this

Ditto here.

Some friends and I will be there.

4 SURES! let me know so we can chill. We gotta new girl in the league. i’ll definitely introduce you.

Glad to see that you and your friends will make it.

Wouldn’t have it any other way man!!! I’ll let you know for sure.

The special event we will have will be posted on Wednesday if everything goes through as planed. For those of you that were at the secret get together, yeah, that’s the announcement.

-Tha Hindu

I’d like to run a $1 entry, single elim(?) pay-per-play Melty Blood tournament at the same time, if that’s cool with you.

beware my potemkin!

also I doubt the mb tournament would get enough entrats to be worth running at all

I’ll spread the word as much as i can and see what happens. I’m not giving up on it yet :smiley:

Go for it, the more the merrier. Try and get as many people as possible. Hopefully if they see there is a crowd for MB they will go ahead and get AA.

I want to post the surprise but haven’t heard back from the guy at Aksys yet. Hopefully I can post it tonight.

-Tha Hindu

id enter the mb tourney, not very good though

melty blood sux lets play batturu fantasia!

Denjin arcade sf iv tournament details!

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers!
Email me!


Haha it might be too late to bother but I’ll see about making another one of those for the GG etc.

Hope to see everyone there!