10/13 MVC2 results from University Pinball


Heres what I pieced together from the brackets and the part of the tournament I saw.

1st Brandon
2nd Julian
3rd Josh W
4th(?) Rasul

I can figure out the rest if I find out lost their fist two matches.
I can’t APEX it until then.
I hope everyone enjoyed the free play and the tournament.


Put demon hyo instead

I know jarrett lost his first match against josh, and they played first. Then that guy from media lost to julian 2nd round.


Speaking of that guy from Media I can’t remember what George’s last name is. so if your online let me know.


Hoggs was there!!! Team Granite represent!!!

-George Hoggs-


dickhead its Hogg nigga


here what I’m going with for APEX until someone I see Tim or Jarret or George.

1st Brandon
2nd Julian
3rd Josh
4th Rasul
5th Mike B
5th George
7th Jarret
7th Tim


Yes, jarrett is now in mvc2 apex babe! He is the man now!:evil:


i beat Josh. no… i raped Josh!!!
4 free