10/14/09 8 on the Break #28 results

There was a round robin tourny because no one showed up… Please show up to our tournaments…=(


1: Ryder (Some shit)
3: Chemist 4 Hire (MuthaFukin’ Dictator)
4: AbsoluteMeyhem(Boxer)
5: Hacker Mike(Blanka)
6: Dynicksty(Boxer)
7: Dizzy(Chun Li)
8: 6-Buttons(Chun Li, Honda, Dhalsim)
9: JT(Guile)
10: JSZombie(Ryu)
11: Cray=Z(Rufus)
100: TheBreakSteaker(Spatula, Bread, Steak, Attitude, Onions, Peppers, BBQ Sauce)


I thought AbsoluteMeyhem, Mike, and I tied for fourth place…even though mike should have gotten first.

oh shit KDZ with the SCOOPS.

i noticed less and less people started coming when nyc players started winning convincingly every week. and lesser skilled nyc players also stop coming for the same reason. I think if the pot had a bonus it would draw more clientele. But you would have to start doing that this tuesday and 3 or so weeks by now, the word would spread and people would start coming back again.

Pot bo…
Lesser sk…

My friend Rahsaan.

The intended goal of the Break weeklies was to give players from all over an easy, weekly outlet to level up, which I would like to believe it has and continues to do.

Pot Bonuses aren’t for the “lesser skilled” or to “draw more people”. They’re intended to bring the big names in. There’s no incentive for anyone but those who already win the tournaments in the first place.

The intention is to come and have fun.

The fact that school restarted has made it extremely difficult for many to come down and play. Others didn’t like losing $10 every week to the same people, but they would’ve dropped of anyhow. Sometimes the reactions that top players have to losing cause people not to come back out of discomfort as well.

So just come down and have some fun, like you do every week.
I promise that just like always, I’ll make sure every player at my tournaments have the most fun possible. No one shall be overlooked!


but i gave up on SF4 so i’ll be back in 2 weeks guys

when are they. i would come but the train would take about 2 hours (at least) cause i would have to transfer at newark. if someone in southern jersey would give me a ride i would definitely go.

I’ll give you a bonus tornado throw next time we play CUZ.

I haven’t been coming because I’m broke… real life kicking ass, you’re still free though rahsaan. :smokin:

Talking about NBA Jam TE btw.

I’m not that free

I know I’m just bustin chops, keep that good shit up. Gen’s the new fireeeee~

Traditionally, this time of year brings lower turnouts with most people adjusting to either school life or school traffic. Getting around in Central Jersey between the hours of 5-7 sucks. Eventually, people start to come back near Thanksgiving time. It was like that back in the day, so I’m predicting a bounceback come November.

Never give up what you enjoy. It sucks so hard to try to get back into it.


i need to get some shit settled irl before i can go to more tournies. too much disaster past 3 months.

Break Guy: Come to our tournaments!
Nice Guy: Let’s have fun !
Others: Broke Broke Broke Broke Broke, Excuses, Broke Broke Broke


where do you fit in there javits?