10/17/09 Seattle, WA: Tournament Wars Round 1 results and standings

Round 1 is in the books folks! I honestly see things just getting better and better from here on out. Onto tonights match up results:

Match 6: ESL vs Team Fight Bros.
Sherwin (Akuma) vs Richard (Blanka)
Sean Ryan (Vega) vs Richard
Ray “Little Jin” (Zangief) vs Richard
Ray vs. Matt (Chun-Li)
Ray vs. Mikhail (Ken)

Match 7: Team Boss vs Team Underdog
B0kkin (Akuma) vs. BowflexMike (Ken)
B0kkin vs. Cbea (Zangief)
B0kkin vs. Dale (Ryu)

Match 8 - MAIN EVENT: The Wolfpack vs. T.D.P.
ThaiVega {Vega) vs. Mickey D’ (Ryu)
Ghrrk (Sagat) vs. Mickey D’
**Jeff (C. Viper) vs Mickey D’
Jeff vs. FrankDaDank (Bison)

Kikoken Division
Grandmasters (1-0 1 OCV : 1 1/2 points)
Team BOSS (1-0 1 OCV: 1 1/2 points)
Team SALT (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)
Team Shenanigans (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)

Flash Kick Division
Focus Cancelious (1-0 0 OCV: 1 point)
Team Dick Punch (TDP) (1-0 0 OCV: 1 point)
Electric Shoryuken Legs (ESL) (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)
Stretch Armstrong (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)

Shoryuken Division
Team Jurassic (1-0 1 OCV: 1 1/2 points)
RESET DEMON?! (1-0 0 OCV: 1 points)
Team Underdog (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)
The Starvengers (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)

Cannon Spike Division
The Untechables (1-0 0 OCV: 1 point)
Team Fight Brothers (1-0 0 OCV: 1 point)
The Wolfpack (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)
F.A.T.S. (0-1 0 OCV: 0 points)

Highlights of the night include:

What looked like an OCV in the making for ESL. Ray “Little Jin” coming back to take the win for Team Fight Bros.

B0kkin taking the OCV for Team Boss tonight.

and of course…The MAIN EVENT.

Round 2 is going to be full of Rivals duking it out. With TWO Main events @ week 1. Here’s the fight card:

ESL vs Stretch Armstrong - 10:30pm
SRS vs TDP - 11pm
MAIN EVENT 1Team Boss vs RESET DEMON?! 11:30pm
Team Underdog vs Grandmasters - Midnight
MAIN EVENT 2FATS vs The Untechables 12:30am

A huge thank you to all the league participants, to everyone that came out to show their support for the Seattle SFIV scene, to Ms. Fae (C. Viper), Josh, and Jacob for the venue and drinks.

See you guys next week @ 10:30pm!

Great start, I think this will be a good thing. Though hopefully I am not quite so tired for the next one, only got like 4 hours of sleep after Preppy’s. :expressionless:

I was kinda drunk, sry if i annoyed anyone. random old guy buying me a beer cuz i was wearing a cougar hat was dope though.

Yeah those old dude’s were pretty cool, and super drunk.

Glad I could’ve shown up to the first round. The turnout was massive, despite all the no-shows. Frank, this HAS to show you that even though there were flakes, there is STILL demand. This is good. Real good!

He was trying to reach into your pants with that beer dude!

Week 2 results posted, as well as current standings and next weeks fight card.