10/17 SOVA Season 3 Finale


Here are the results from the Season 3 Finale.

1: Ryry
2: Joe E (Throw Joe)
3: Ariez
4: Blackula
5: DBC
5: Foomy
7: Dsinnie
7: Winback
9: Oh No
9: Sean Miyagi
9: Styles
9: Liquid Snake




2nded ariez. Blackula acted like a bitch. Everyone in the house was speaking up, and you said zero words. Man up…




Sounds like someone needs a Tampon.


If you saw what happened you’d be upset that it wasn’t ran back too.


both parties are at fault here, blackula didn’t confirm with dbc what happened, and dbc didnt say shit, you gotta say something at times like that, so both of them fucked up. end of story



Also, I hope people don’t think my TV is fucked up, because I’d bet money that if we took down that split set-up then it wouldn’t have acted the way it did during top 8. Even PHB’s TV had similar issues when it was used in that set-up, but I admit that my TV acted twice as crazy. Regardless, sorry that shit happened.

As for everything else, there was enough gaming and food to make me a satisfied participant, and I’m glad that many people showed up. I’ll definitely be at the next one.


That’s true Nick, PHB’s tv was simliar like that… his case was that the tv turned black and white.


midgits dont end stories…gods end stories…

dbc speak up, black stop trying to cheat yourself into thinkin your decent by beating somone with a clear handicap, and not manning up and running it back

end of story


sova sucks


fuuuuuckkkkk yooooooooo!!!
and no shit sherlock


At the very instant the TV began to act up, I should’ve stopped and said something. That’s why I’m not mad at all, because I made the mistake of foolishly continuing to play through it.


yeah tell god to make u better cause ur still garbage after all this time


Play it like the arcade tournament, after each game switch sides!


Nice that someone can hone up to their mistake. :china:

hint hint


lol riiiiight noob


Good shit, Ryry. Good shit. /co-sign


damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.