10-18-03 SVGL CvS2/MvC2 results



1st Kim-Hahn “ohayo1234” Hoang C-Sagat/Rolento/Blanka
2nd Campbell “Buktooth88” Tran N-Iori/Morrigan/Hibiki
3rd Daniel “FUTURE OF STREET FIGHTER” Tran A-Vega/Rolento/Bison
4th Brandon “Dr. B” Chaney S-Bison/Cammy R2/Sagat

The 14 year old Future of Street Fighter shows off his incredible randomness skills, beating Dr. B twice, and nearly having Buktooth beat, but fucked up his bison CC. Lesson to Daniel, YOU’RE ALMOST THERE KEEP UP WITH THE TURTLING. And Kim wins.


1st Anthony “Marvel Matrix” - Storm Sent Commando
2nd Alex “MY STUDENT” - Mag Storm Sent
3rd Steven “Pimp o Da Year” Cable Sent Commando
4th Kim “Top player” Strider Sent Cable

Anthony makes a impressive showing, zapping into the marvel matrix and fuckin everyone up wit da realness.


i saw him at evo, that kid is fucking raw dawg


this is Dr.B on Dirty’s Screen name:

“Props goes to Kim and Daniel…nice shit kid u got me…but u owe a few more before you catch up…Good kick it with Buk and Oliver and the rest for even entering…this tourney was hella random tourney…still fun…late…”


P.S-Ohayo u gonna put that vid of you vs. Buktooth up on top-players??? It was dope…:cool:


no one was top-recording???



good shit kim/buk, was cvs2 single 1/1 match?

and daniel is too fucking good for his age…


good job kim wizzle
next time win bof


LOL Thats right Daniel, you fuckin REPRESENT FOO!!

It’s up to you young ninja to bring back the 3s scene up in nor cal =)

I’ll be up there for regionals, so be prepared to get beasted on by my ken =) MUAHAH!!


“Keepin it DIRTY”


Props to Alex, you’ve come a long way baby boy…