10/18 CVS2 and MVC2 results from UP

1st Julian Robinson
2nd Bryheem Keys
3rd Kaliek Thomas
4th Random Black Guy
5th Josh Wong
5th Ron Maloles
7th Eric Stewart
7th Mike Bailey

1st Brandon Deshields
2nd Julian Robinson
3rd Josh Wong
4th Rick Mears
5th Desmond Pinkey
5th Bryheem “Mr. Random” Keys
7th Mike Bailey
7th Criss Ellis
9th Mike Williams
9th Georg Mckenny
9th Kaliek Thomas
9th Steve Greco

There was more random events last night than I’ve seen in the past six months.

  • New Yorkers really showed up this time, and then Bryheem beat all of them for money
    -Julian put Rick and Brandon into the losers Bracket
    -Bryheem won a tournament match with Thanos and then decided to play Akuma the next round
    And about 20 other things that were to ridiculous to describe, you just had to be there.

goddamn…ny got raped:(

Not quite actually, the sticks raped us for free. Thats ok though, will just get there earlier next time to get use to them. Damn, why Philly sticks gotta be so loose?

*-Syndicate- *

Sanford is down there raping them rite now.:cool:

you guys need to call me whenever sanford shows up cuz i gotta save you all. you know my number. i be there monday night.

Hey Brandon, I want my 7 dollars.

YES that’s my money. I lent you that money. You told me you’d pay me back. THAT WAS IN MARCH!!! Stop avoiding me. I want that money.

well philly gotta go ctf next time lol

i think ctf sticks are loose too…cuz im used to gotcha sticks…

I want my $7 brandon.

Looks at first place mvc2 and laughs, you know he has your cash too!

come fight

The Philadelphia tournaments are just gonna keep getting bigger, so jump on the wagon and come fight.:smiley:

Damn! I knew I should have come down, but I was too busy at work. Alex didn’t show? No Som? Bryheem will gamble 'til this country goes broke! How much did top tier win?

DEMON HYO: I’m taking a guess that from his flaming, BLAZINFLO doesn’t like you too much. Let him have his cash!

I used to like brandon fine until he kept trying to put off paying me back. Now he’s just avoiding me altogether. Fucking Christ brandon. Be a fucking man and pay back your debts.

I hear from so many people that CTF is the worst arcade on the EC. Whenever I ask a NY player or a player from another state about CTF, they always tell me about the huge hole in the wall, and the horrible sticks on the cabinets. Sanford even tells me about that place, and I expected something good to hear from him but he says it’s horrible also, and that it is really dark inside. Seems like nobody has nothing good to say about CTF, is it really that bad?:confused:

Whenever I ask you to pay me back, you’re like, “OKAY!!! I’ll pay you tomorrow, and then you don’t.” Everytime I ask anyone about you, they say you’re a fag. No one in NY likes you. And I’m pretty sure no one in philly or anywhere else likes you either. PAY ME MY MONEY YOU HOMO!!!

Comp is good…sticks are bad IMO…not to mention niggahs learning about sumin called deodorant…its packed most tha time i go there…but i havent been there in mths so i dunno…maybe it changed?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hey Blaziniflo - just an honest tip. If you want someone to do something for you, maybe you shouldn’t completely flip out over 7 bucks and post shit about him all over, including your sig.

What’s the deal with all the gay comments? Are you a homophobe?

Like omg… someone just called someone a homo because they won’t get their $7. Man, no need to be all tight up in the ass like that, it’s only $7. Just come here and I’ll give you the little $7. On top of that, I’ll give you $10- the extra $3 for you to turn straight. Deal?:wink:

I dunno whats worse, justins reaction or brandons inaction…

Money is money.