10/19-20/02 SW Regionals @ Stargate in Houston


MvC2 Results

1st. Davide Hem
2nd. PowerDN
3rd. Stiggz
4th. Roy(New Orleans)
5th. Rahsaan Dusausu(EvilRahsaan)/Chris Creecy(magneto_X)

CvS2 Results

1st. Choi
2nd. David Hem (asianhitler)
3rd. Mike Zavar
4th. Hsien
5th. Brian(ryuwinz)/ Alex
7th. Skye Thompsen/John Bunn
9th. Tuan(Vigorous)

3s Results

1st. Hsien
2nd. Choi
3rd. Eddie W
4th. Mopreme
5th. Simon (nebraska)/Harvey

ST Results

1st. Jump suite jesse
2nd. Hsien
3rd. Choi
4th GAVIN!!!(Darkumas)

sorry i dont have any teams or detailed results but these results are official now:cool: :cool: tommorrow err, rather today is mvc2/sc2. i will post results as they happen lol, or when i get word of mouth again.

also highlight = RC honda (Fubarduck from austin) lost to choi, he missed his last paint the fence, choi BARELY survived and c.shorted him to win. props to fubarduck for basically almost beating choi but lost to a simple fuck up hahahhaha

some nebraska peeps were suppose to be down here to play 3s? i dont recall any nebraska peeps doing anythng

Team new orleans didnt take top 3 in anything but props to Gavin for 4th in ST. Makato from hell most likely wasnt up to par today i guess :frowning: :frowning:


[quote I would also like to see where Mopreme and the team Nebraskas players placed. Cant we get a full results list? Who did Mopreme loose to?

Later Cherry
3s Results

1st. Hsien
2nd. Choi
3rd. Eddie W


I hear Simon got 5th, good job fool.
Yeah I also wanna know who placed #4?

Peace Out
Super Good


I think mopreme got 4th.


updates i made.

check first post


edit mvc2 added


MvC2 Teams:

  1. David (asianhitler): Storm/Sent/Cyc, Mag/Sent/Psy
  2. Daniel (power-dn): MSP, Cable/Storm/Cyc or Cap
  3. Carlos (Stiggz): Cable/Doom/Cap
  4. Roy: Storm/Sent/Cammy (mostly)
  5. ORG: Spiral/Sent/Cable (mostly)
  6. Chris (Magneto-X): MSP


Yeah another 3s post thingy…:bluu: Who used who?
Sorry more of Ne couldn’t show up for this, sounds like it was alot of fun. What happened Ricky? Trying too much shit? Well whatever the case hope fools got some good footage to show me when they get back. So you guys almost stopped Data huh, told you hes a robot. I’m still not even to Android status.

I wasn’t there…