10/19 fl results ****DBS****


Tyt store, tyt cd btw;)


1st who else? stinky trent{orlando}.
a-groove hibiki/nak/chun-li and:( yuri…prolly some others too…
in the finals he used random select and still won.
2nd the guy who kicked my ass with roll cancel{gainesville}:mad: :bluu:
i don’t know his name…lol
c-groove vice/rugal{stupid rc grab into lvl 3!> : (}/rock
3rd me{tampa}
p groove team scrub! {cammy/sagat/blanka:D }

I’m not sure the other places, these are ghetto as hell results because i don’t have the brackets, blazini’s got em and he’s lazy.


1st mike m.{tampa} mag/storm/sentinel or cyclops
2nd erik{g-ville} msp sent/storm/capcom or ironman
3rd ben{tampa} bshidoheat doom/storm/cyc sent or capcom{cap in the fight for 3rd}

tyt work, good tourney

Mvc2 team tourney

1st Team Rox{orlando/tampa}
Trent{megaman or magneto/cable/capcom/Ben{doom/storm/sent or cyc}/Mike m.{mag/storm/cyc or sent}
2nd Team G-ville
Justin{cable/storm/capcom}/erik{sent/storm/capcom or ironman}/other guy…shitty w names sorry…{sent/storm/capcom or ironman
3rd Team Tally
Ed{team too fucking strong slash team i own top tiers for free slash i’m the best low tier player on the planet slash ed is the fucking man} jugg/hulk/collossus/Steve{mag/storm/psy} various magneto teams/Phil?{team watts, storm/sent/capcom}

I have to make a special note that ed SERIOUSLY FUCKED UP TEAM ROX, we got a lucky break with the point system and by the chance that team g-vill won a certain number of points vs team tally that we ended up ahead in points even though we got our ass handed to us by team to strong. you guys seriously have no idea what that shit is capable of…it’s really really sad, i don’t even know how i get hit by that shit but it’s worse than when magneto hits your ass…you die…plain and simple, fuck ed. way too good.

btw, in the rox vs tally, i take down phil 2-0, then ed comes in and cleans team rox out…no losses…we got raped.

Anyways, tyt tourney, peaCe everyone.

The combo’s…shudders…


Will anyone ever dethrone Tr3nt? :lol:

And by any chance was the guy who got second Mummy-B? :confused:

Also props to you Mike. Rankings wise you seem to improve each tournament, also you get mad respect for sticking with P-Groove. I can’t stand that Groove at all!

Good job guys.


Add my little bit o skill and the fact my chars are getting cheaper and cheaper and boom, hehe, top 5~!

i have been figurin the game out better thx

and btw, one day i will beat him{trent]! i got close this time{er…sorta}!

mummy-b wasn’t present.


Trent and I < Everyone else…

No doubt that Trent sucks in MVC2, but that Megaman got us a victory. :lol:

Since someone has to have a dictionary to read was Mike wrote…


  1. Team MegaBshidoMix (aka Team Rox)
    Tr3nt- Magneto/Cable/CapCom
    BshidoHeat- Doesn’t Matter didn’t win a single set.
    Mixup- Magneto/Storm/Cyc

  2. Team G-Villie
    BlaziniFlo- Storm/Sent/CapCom
    DBS- Storm/Sent/IM, Magneto teams.
    Sorry I don’t remember their 3rd member…

  3. Team Tally
    Mitzer-Ed(he owned Team Rox)-Juggs/Colossus/Hulk
    Steve- Storm/Sentinel/CapCom or Cammy.
    I didn’t catch their last members name… but he used Team Watts.

Ed owned Team Rox 6-0 says alot
G-villie didn’t play it smart… they didn’t take advantage of the point system. If G-villie lost to Tally, it would have been the both of them in the finals. But DBS (erik) had to win :lol:!

Not too many teams… just 4 I think… Mike got his money back +10 more. Thanks for paying for me and trent!!

MegaMan owned Erik! Then I got owned by everyone. :lol:

MVC2 Singles tourney

  1. Mixup- Magneto/Storm/Cyc, Magneto/Storm/Sentinel.
  2. DBS- Storm/Magneto/Psy, Storm/Sentine/CapCom
  3. BshidoHEAT- Doom/Storm/Sentinel, or CapCom, or Cyc OR/Cable/Doom.
  4. Steve- Team Watts
  5. BlaziniFlo- Storm/Sent/CapCom, Cable/Storm/Capcom
    Tie: Mitzer-Ed- Juggs/Colossus/Hulk.

My memory gets a little fuzzy after that.

**Highlights of MVC2 Singles **
Erik puts me in the losers in the first round, and takes me out in the losers finals… I’ll get you back! :evil:

Mike goes undefeated in the finals and I think through out the tourney.

I got revenge on Ed for team Rox :lol: I can’t wait til I play you again, Team Strong was great fun!

Very fun tourney everyone! It was good to get some out of town comp… hopefully I’ll get too see everyone again. :wink:

CVS2 Singles- I didn’t really play much attention… but mike and his P-groove was fuckin great!

Trent won that BTW. :lol:


Trent is very good. I played him at friend’s house and he ripped me. The worst thing was that he was using the analog. ANALOG! That was totally insane. I tried my “Team need to win” and they just became “Team want to lose”. For real, Trent ain’t no joke. Congrats on your victory, dude.


hey, i forgot you beat ed!

I met up with him too in the singles and took him out there. u musta eliminated him, hehe, we both got revenge!


You got 3rd!!!

It seems that your losing streak on tournaments is final over.:smiley:

One more thing, where the heck are you Phil:confused:
Your Asian and you should have represented.:wink:


hmm. if trent can random select the finals, then i probably would have gotten at least second anyway if not any lower.

at least, I’m thinking that since I’m assuming the rest of the CvS2 comp is good, I know at least mixup and Chetan were there. mixup, you inspired me to get back to P Groove man, I’ve been straying to C for neat roll cancel tricks that I’m practicing but I feel as if I have betrayed the true way of playing CvS2. … as if not playing with roll cancel is the true way of playing it but whatever


Team Rox is too good! Team Rox > RC



mummy-b, when are you gonna come to rockys?


Man can anyone stop Mike!

Mike you just wait next time in a tournament where I get to play you. Muhahahaha:evil: :lol:


Brian, you wanna go down to rocky’s fri? I’ll see if Erik and Mo wants to go down.


I took him down hard in Team MvC2:D


Mizter-Ed stopped him in the team tournament.


How did Ed’s team lose the team tournament?


This post is for no reason except to piss Erik off. We were playing Marvel about an hour ago in the store, and I got a perfect against him. I swear to GOD!!! No lie. And he wasn’t playing no low-tier either. MSCapcom. “PERFECT” I’ll never let him live this one down.


Its a sham to get a perfect on… Erik *turn head down.


If you guys are going then I’m down. I save some of my greens for the trip.

After the conflict of things that we both wanted to do happened, the gf gave me the upcoming weekend off to do whatever (yes, I will admit the whipping statement you made at my house on Friday night is now justified).


you guys should take a trip down to TL one of these days…


We would if the machines work. I still get nightmares about that tourney. No offense Pete. Oh, and the sticks suck.