10/20/09 HD Remix Xbox Live Tournament Results


Big thanks to everyone who came onto Xbox Live for this. Things ran smoothly and I think the stream worked out good. Stay tuned for the next HD Remix Online tournament which will feature a prize for the winner.

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HD Remix (7 Players) Bracket: http://challonge.com/cwhdremix1

  1. BlueTallCans (Blanka)
  2. Kisaris (Ken)
  3. Tyram SRK (Sagat)
  4. WatCnBrwnDo4U (1st Round Bye, Nappy was not online) (DeeJay)
  5. Sweet Poison (Sim)
  6. Theghost741 (?? Sorry bro I was doing something during the match)
  7. Delux (Honda)