10/23 MVC2 @ The Break Results!

Holy shoot, no one was there and I was pissed then mad heads showed up (over 10) so it was like let’s do this. Finals was 2-1 Shawn over me we woulda played more but neither of us had money and the ATM is so far (4 stores down!) so forget that, i didn’t wanna disrupt the east coast rankings anyway since i was beasting so hard on him :smiley:

  1. Shawn “Starbury” Morgan - MSS, Ironman/Cable/Sent
  2. Robert Sigley - Magneto/Cable/Cyclops, MSP
  3. Philong Nygueuenen - Sent/Cable/Good AAA
  4. Phil “Grandpa with a 4 fifth” Johnson aka Blacksyde Phil - Sent/Cable/Blackheart, Storm/Sent/Commando
    5a. Steve Lu - Storm/Cable/Commando ?, Magneto/Cable/AAA
    5b. Alex Monin - MSP, Omega Red/Venom/Gambit

others (including Todd Dwyer where’s my 50 cents at :P)

Damn nice day, new issue of THE SOURCE, Maxim, and 2nd place.

Plus when i was driving home I forgot we have no sidewalk anymore and there’s a big hole in the place of where our sidewalk was so i pull into our driveway and fall into the hole, luckily I got out yay for the Kia sucks for the Mexicans who are putting in a new sidewalk cause i ruined all their work