10/25 CVS2 results from UP

1st Sanford C- rolento, Chun li, Sagat
2nd Jeron K cammy, Bison, Blanka
3rd Julian K - Vega, Eagle, Blanka
4th Kaliek C - Vega, Terry, Blanka

Thanks to Jeron for coming down.

For all visiting Players
Let me know when you have to leave.
Right now I letting Mike handle the tournaments his way but, if people have to leave then I will do the tournament myself to get you out on time. The people who show up on time shouldn’t be punished because were waiting for someone late to show up.

I still haven’t found out why there was no MVC2 tournament as far as I could tell there were enough people.

And sorry to the guy from the break who happened to be playing the two games here that have the wrong button configuration.

And what was bryheem so mad about?