10/25 Fayetteville, NC Results

Overall I say we had a very good tournament with a nice little turnout. The next tournament will be held Nov. 8.

CvS2 : 8 people

  1. James Dostie
  2. Kevin Michaels
  3. Robin Palm
  4. Billy H.
  5. Joe Moniz
  6. James Brenner
  7. David Mattock
  8. Vincent W.

3rd Strike: 18 people

  1. James Brenner
  2. Jorge Rivera
  3. Kevin Michaels
  4. Robin Palm
  5. James Dostie
  6. Billy H.
  7. Michael (Edmondantes)
  8. Robert Master
  9. David Mattock
  10. Daniel L.
  11. Joe Moniz
  12. Jay McMorris
  13. Rhoe Anthony
  14. Rob Anderson
  15. Vincent W.
  16. Michael Martin
  17. Brian Martin
  18. Steven Byrd

SvC: 16

  1. Brian Richardson
  2. Edward W.
  3. Robert Master
  4. James Pollack
  5. Jorge Rivera
  6. Brian Martin
  7. Kim Hiop
  8. Daniel Maxwell
  9. Joe Sunice
  10. Robin Palm
  11. Chris Boyd
  12. Billy H.
  13. Jenneth J.
  14. Mike Rivers
  15. Kevin Gately
  16. Paul E.

Just put in Edmond Dantes if you’re going to mispell my last name… :frowning:

Alright, Sry about that that is the way they spelled it on the paper they gave me :slight_smile:

thanks guys for running another good tourney. sorry i couldn’t stay to see the finishes of 3s or cvs2. congrats to all the winners (especially durham taking top 4 in svc :smiley: :rolleyes: ). i’ll try to make the next one you guys throw as well, it seems to fall on a good weekend for me.


Agreed, i’m going to pre-order a SvC MVS kit todayish, so it’d rock if we got more tournys with it.

Who were the 3S players? Especially that guy who played well with Urien? Yo, I need to get in touch so I can set up times to play. When I mean play, I mean PLAY!!! Not this, oh I can’t block with d/b. Or this, I can’t even hit 2 buttons at the same time. How in the heck am I expected to do Kara cancels, huh? Or this, I can’t even do charge moves, much less charge partition. Forget about it on those controls. I felt like I wuz in a movie sitting in the front row. I can’t even use my peripheral vision to see what’s goin’ on across the screen. Man, I’m not saying the controls are bad it’s just I’m not used to them and since I can’t travel an hour and a half that often to play (maybe once a weekend at most) I don’t see myself getting used to them and then goin’ back to my controls on Dreamcast. It’s pointless then. Easy way to alleviate the problem…
…play at home where everyone can play for free and has access to their own controls.

I could win with Twelve(low tier character) and Elena(someone I don’t even play with on a regular basis) but not with the characters I really wanted to play. Why? Because it’s hard to mess up single button presses when all you do basically is poke to win with those characters. I mean, I got that guy who played with Chun Li dizzy with denjin, jumped in with FK, close FP into Hurricane Kick and lo’ and behold I can’t even do a qcb+HK! Man, did that piss me off. He was dead too. Not to mention (against that same guy) I’d get hit out of midair with b+FP, flip out while holding d/b(or so I thought) and get hit with another FP. I counted atleast 5 fierce moves that last round alone that I wuz holdin’ d/b to block and didn’t. WTF???

That tourney wuz a fluck to me. I saw some skill but overall their were no “total packages” except that guy who played Urien. That Chun Li was good at recognizing a blocked move and punishing it with a super and that Ken with the glasses was alright at poking. Don’t get me started on that other Ken. D+LK, d+LK super art III. Basically it looks like a Ken dojo to me. Atleast that other guy played with Hugo and there wuz a lil’ Alex and Q action. Thank god I was there. I mean let’s liven up the roster a bit. I know I wuz playin’ like crap and don’t like to judge others b/c they probably are better than they show too but god! Let me play DC version and watch me go off. When I have a hard time gettin’ things to come out I just end up getting mad and that leads me to play even worse. It’s a never ending downhill struggle. Oh yeah, it does end when I lose by winning. Don’t get me wrong I respect all the players and had a good time considering but I like to play at my best (as does everyone) and needless to say I wasn’t even close to that. Sorry about my rant guys. I can usually make it Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays. To think about it I didn’t even do anything with Twelve or Elena either. Man did I suck. Somebody hit me back please, later…

The Urien player was James Brenner, AKA, Jive Turkey Jones.

But most players prefer playing on an actual arcade over a console I would say, at least that is my opinion. Especially so in 3rd Strike, the DC version is a compeltely different game than the arcade one ie no unblockables.

O ya, I am short short, super ken player! and don’t hate, I hardly play the game so I use what I can :).

Hey, I got an honorable mention…

I need to do something about how often I play this game.

I was the chun li player. I think the controls were fine on 3S. I saw many people win on the side you were complaining about. I mostly played the 2p side (I’m a habitual player) , but I saw alot of people win on the 1p side. You say you were trying to block down-back… but you were getting hit with fierce, which only needs to be blocked back. You shouldn’t really have a problem w/ that.
Btw, don’t worry about charge partitioning so much, and worry about not doing sweeps and fireballs against Chun Li w/ meter. That’s what’s gonna kill you. I must have won like 8 rounds in the tourney to shoto sweeps alone, it’s one of the few moves I know that’s unsafe. I died to Jorge cuz I didn’t know what the deal with Remy’s kick move was. I think I might have played against Remy once in all the times I’ve played 3S.

Oh, and why are there three fifth places and three seventh places?
in a double elim tourney, it should go 1,2,3,4,5,5,7,7,9,9,9,9,13,13,13,13, 17,17. I also know this to be true b/c I won against edmond one round before I won against James.

Anyway good tourney. A few suggestions though.

1.Have brackets on clipboards instead on the wall. Walking back and forth to call matches is unessesary.
2.Have one person designated to call out matches per game, especially if the director is playing in tournements. I saw alot of slowdown b/c of this. It’s just a person to call out the next match and to write down who wins… any questions should go to the director.
3. call on deck matches. basically get the next people set to play before the current match is done.
4. Get some games to play casual. Only other fighting games there besides tourney ones were Sam Sho IV, KOF 99 and 00 (all in the neo geo cab), and T4/TTT. Not exactly a great selection for people coming to play capcom games. I mean, jeez, each of those driving/shooting games cost about 10 times more apiece.

It’s kinda pooey that Billy and I came mainly to play CvS2 and that was the lowest turnout. Mad props to James JDing and patiance, and Kevin’s RCing, Customs, and patiance. I lost so much life to those guys simply because they were more patient than I was. I’ll turtle for a bit, then go… “I’m gonna jump now!” and get hit.

Good stuff guys. See you soon.

Thanks for the props! Placings stuff, all I got was a list of names, so I guessed at what rankings would be, my first time. I will fix it. Hopefully you two can return for our next one and we will have a bigger turnout, I was pretty sad about the low turnout too.

I know the CvS2 turnout was kind of small, but we were well aware of that ahead of time. This one just happened to come at a shitty time for alot of people to make it. Our tourny from September had 23 for CvS2. I hope the next one in November comes at a better time, to get that good turnout again. I hope you can make our next one.

Jive Out!

My mistake, I guess Jorge decided to change the tourney date without telling anyone, here is the thread anyways…


stop beastin james. :wasted:
sorry i couldn’t be there, i wasn’t feeling well(i didn’t go to homecoming after all, and planned to go to the tournament, but i didn’t feel well). good job though.:slight_smile:
my yankees lost though.:frowning:

congrats Jive i guess Q will have to make an apperance next time:lol: to see what Urien has to offer.

Congrats to all the showed up at the tourney glad you had a great time. Hope to see you at the next one

Hey renegade. I don’t block b because of a possible sweep or d+MK super. I also know that alot of people wouldn’t have problems with the controls but I’m used to playing jap stick on DC. Finding the diagonals on arcade controls has always been a problem for me unless I’ve played on those particular controls for a while. I’m not knockin’ your skills, you’re a decent player but I gotta friend who plays Chun better than you do IMO. I haven’t seen everything you’ve got so don’t take it to heart though. You might actually be better and I don’t know it. As far as that Remy player Jorge is concerned. Did anyone notice he always did cold blue kick(qcb+K) after throwing a sonic boom or EX sonic boom? Not absolutely always but about 80% from what I can tell. Just parry it. It’s easy to see coming. I didn’t see any red parries either. What’s up with that? All those d+MK fireballs from Ken and Ryu. It’s worth it with some characters. Don’t try red parry against Ken though you’ll get raped by d+LK, d+LK, Shippa!

Anybody playin’ this coming up Saturday, Sunday, or Monday? I don’t wanna drive all the way to Fayettville if I can’t get some good play in with some good comp. Hit me back. I wanna own someone for free ya know.

The local fayetteville crew is usually always at the mall on Friday and Saturday.

hey locust

Do you know demorris? Who is better between you two now? I wupped up on him last time he and I played at the mall. He needs to come down to f-ville.

You are confusing technical aspects with skills. I red parry, charge partition, charge buffer, option select, and dead shield all day. Yet, I have not placed in a singleCharlotte 3rd Strike tournament, EVER!

And also, when I fight shotos, I don’t fight at a range close enough to red parry d+mk xx fireball. I play at max d+mk range. So when I do parry the fireball that’s buffered from it, I get a blue parry.

EDIT: If you plan on coming up Friday or Saturday (nobody plays Sun-Thurs) I hope you practiced on similar sticks. They are still the same.
Jive Out!

I parry jump ins!

Yeah, I know Demorris. Real well infact. I play much better than he does. He still gets wins on me every now and again but I wupped up on him just the other night. He said he’s coming to a tourney up there in December. I told him about the one on Nov. 8th but he said he probably wouldn’t go. I’ll be there though. I’m gonna start holding Apex tournaments but can’t come up with where I wanna hold them. I used to rock at GGXX but since I don’t play it anymore my skills are deminished. I wuz thinkin’ on holdin’ side tourneys for Garou:MOTW and KOF games too. I would do this to give the games more exposure. I know if people were to see some decent play on them they would like em’ ya know. I’m decent at Garou but I plain suck at KOF. I understand the principles of play envolved but I never do what I know I need to. Maybe I’ll hold side tourney for VF4:Evo too. I play it but I’m not that good. Same stuff I said about KOF applies here too. What’s dead shield? Never heard of it. Heard of all the others and use them as well. What time do ya’ll usually play up there so I know when to come? I might play the incredible Sean this time. I love playin’ sorry characters and “sorry” supers. I haven’t practiced on similar sticks. No way for me to. Sorry. I’ll still be comp though. Speaking of blue parry a d+MK fireball. I tried to red parry it at the tourney and it turned out to be blue too. Atleast I try though, I know alot of others don’t even. The true skill in all fighting games is knowing when to attack (with what) and when to defend (and how). I’ve seen it tons of times where a person has technical skill i.e. combos, harder moves, etc. but can’t win to save their life b/c they simply don’t know how to fight. Most of that is in poking. The only reason I could see you not placing in a Charlotte tourney is b/c you might lack those skills a little. You look like you poke pretty decent to me but I haven’t played you enough to see. You definitely have the technical skill down pat though. Are you a player or what Jive Turkey? What you doin’ hangin’ out with us game playin’ geeks? Huh?