10/25 Jersey Street Fight Results - Mahwah NJ - Presented by Console Warzone


Great day in Mahwah! We had a nice little turnout and some great matches. Ill give you the results and then some highlights and shout outs.

$2 SF4 Random Picks Tournament (Single Elim. - 8 Entrants)

  1. xXxAtown - $12
  2. Kyle - $4
  3. Delirium
  4. Elvis
  5. Darth Arma
  6. xXxEtown
  7. Mistah J
  8. Phatal PHD

$4 SF4 2v2 Tournament (Single Elim. - Winner Take All)

  1. Rico Suave/SwiftDeathz - $24
  2. Darth Arma/Kyle
  3. Phatal PHD/Mistah J
  4. xXxEtown/xXxAtown
  5. Somma/Jose
  6. Elvis/Delirium

$10 SF4 Main Event (Double Elim. - 22 Entrants)

*I will list some characters but I cannot remeber them all. Feel free to plug them in.

  1. Rico Suave - $154 + Lizardlick.com Sanwa Modded SE (Abel) *Pad Player
  2. KDZ - $44 (Rufus,Abel)
  3. PTO - $22 (Balrog)
  4. Darth Arma (Akuma)
  5. xXxAtown (Geif,Seth)
  6. SwiftDeathz (Ryu) *Pad Player
  7. Darkknight (Abel,Gouken)
  8. Jose (Rose)
  9. Mike Infinite (Balrog, Seth)
  10. Hacker Mike (Blanka)
  11. Phatal PHD (Bison)
  12. Dizzy (Chun)
  13. Infiltr8 (Bison)
  14. Elvis
  15. Fighter21
  16. Somma
  17. Kyle
  18. xXxEtown
  19. Delirium
  20. MistahJ
  21. Marco
  22. Mossimo


  • KDZ running the gauntlet in losers bracket to get to Grand Finals
  • Darth Arma catching Auto Demons all day
  • HD Remix being canceled due to 2 players (Sorry Kyle)
  • The hype cookies provided by Comfort Suites…mmmmm
  • Grand Finals is always entertaining, good shite Rico


  • Shout out to all the cool people I met today, which is pretty much everyone I didn’t know coming into the event.
  • Mike Infinite & PTO for supporting Console Warzone tournaments through good (today) and bad (ToyWiz)
  • Big thanks to Lizardlick.com for hooking me up with the Sanwa parts to mod an SE stick
  • Shout out to Phatal for coming down from Philly again. Good times.

Console Warzone will continue running tournaments in NJ. Stay tuned for our next event!!!


Props for putting on such a fun event. Great location, too.

Also, those cookies were amazing.


Console Warzone is on the rise! Special thanks to PTO and Mike Infinite for making their obligatory appearances. It just wouldn’t be console warzone without u guys.

And thanks again to Delux for an awesome day in Jersey. Things are only gonna get better from here!

On a side note, yay I won my 2nd tourney! lol


good stuff!
I had a blast and enjoyed meeting everyone (although one person seemed really cocky/arrogant, but i won’t name any names though). Thanks to Mistah J for teaming up with me for the 2v2.

It was a fun time and the accomodations were a lot better than the last Mahwah tourney I went to. Had a blast playing ppl in casuals and all the tournaments.

Congrats on Rico on pulling out another win.
My favorite part of the night was my fight with DarkKnight. Me and him are always matched up at our tournaments, and he brings the a-game out of me. Hoping i can exact some revenge sometime though dangit!

keep up the good work Delux


Yes, but what prize did you get for your win at Comic Con?? Haha…thegxl.com blows!!


You better name that name in a PM to me. Haha.


Good stuff delux cant wait for the next one :slight_smile: i was very impressed with the venue it was neat and the cookies were amazing like everyone has stated.


Yes, the cookies were the surprise of the day :slight_smile:


I had a great time :] learned alot of stuff from all the superior Abel players at the tournament :smiley:

haha, which reminds me, I think my buddy Kyle and I need Aliases :stuck_out_tongue:


aren’t you elvis?
that’s a pretty funky alias if so


Haha yeah I always say that when people sign up and they give me their first name only. I think Jose needs an alias also, he was pretty good with Rose.


GS Rico…


Thanks to Deluxe and crew for running the tournament, Mahwah is definitely a step up from Toy Wiz.

Good shit to everyone I played and to all who showed up.

@DarkKnight: lol @ us playing casuals only to be the first match up in tourney. Nice Gouken.

@KDZ&Rico: Dat Abel Technology. Good shit, guys.


And we were in no short supply of Abels this time around. :rofl:


I need to get to this next one you have.


haha, that’d be like a 5 hour drive for you, that’d be dedication


im so sorry phatal. family emergency popped up man. i can most definitely come to the next one though. sorry about that delux


It’s all good, you gotta do what you gotta do. There will be more events.


I figure that to get better I have to travel lol. I might do it for fun and to level up with the folks in the NYC/Jersey area.


That’s my real name :rofl:

I’ll think of something:wgrin: