10/26/02 UCLA 3s/GGXX Results

Here are the results

Third Strike

1st George “Gee-O” P.
2nd Victor
3rd Quincy Yang

The tournament was small but was really exciting. George was sent to losers right away by Victor only to come back to win both sets. Everyone was expecting upset as Victor was 3-2 in the first set of finals and closing in on putting George away only to have George squeak it out and take home 1st place.


1st Peter ‘Combofiend’ R.
2nd Saif ‘ID’ I.
3rd Alex B.

This tournament also was fun to watch as Peter went wild with I-no. Alex and Saif’s match was really intensive as well.

Thanks to everyone who showed up.


good job on telling people about tourney guys!!!

was this posted in any of the tournament sections? anyways, ill be at the nov. 9 tourney.

Actually I did post this on the tournament section in both the Pacific South and Tournaments and Events. Sorry about the late notice. I’ll be sure to let everyone know at least a week in advance.


Great job :slight_smile:

I hope you keep doing this, and add ST to the next line up :slight_smile:


HEY, WATSON ARE YOU GOING TO GO TO THE 2 ON 2 TOURNAMENT ON UCLA? IF SO WHO IS GOING TO BE YOUR TEAM MEMBER? :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

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there’s also a XX tourney on the 9th…almost a 2 week notice this time.