10/26 Charlotte PnT "Lock Down" after hours tourney. t6/bb


NC’s first t6 tourney!!!

One of the charlotte play n trades is hosting an afterhours early release tournament on 10/26. (Yea its a monday) Come out and show support play some blazblue and get an early peak at tekken 6 br!!! Both games will be run on ps3.

Registration begins at 6pm. Tournament begins at 7pm

Play N Trade

2016 Ayrsley Town Blvd.
Charlotte, NC


Tekken 6 BR
$5 entry 70/20/10

Mokujin banned
Azazel banned
random stage select
Double elimination
3/5 rounds 2/3 games
winners/loosers finals 3/5 games
grand finals 4/7 games
only looser may change characters


$5 entry 70/20/10

unlimited characters banned
easy specials banned
double elimination
2/3 rounds 2/3 games
winners/loosers finals 3/5 games
grand finals 4/7 games
only looser may change characters

Tekken pre-reg!!!

  1. The-priest(nc)
    5.Shiki(nc) Play alisa!!!
    7.Marcus Glenn
  2. Son Le

cant wait to bust out LEO!!!


get it rollin!!!


Sorry man, I have class on Mondays.


its cool i know alot of folks arent gonna make it cause its monday i just happen to find out today they were doing it, im just a booster, but there is something VERY big in the works( barfight esqe), sponsors and all…


Ill be there. You can count on my Lei. Ill be there, 5 stances and all :china:


Might try to join in on BlazBlue.


and tekken!?


You know what i’m playing 0_0

Why moku banned…?


Hey guys. Just droppin’ a line to everyone in this thread. My name is Joshua and I’m the manager/TO at the PNT Ayrsley location. I want to thank all of you for showing interest in this tournament and I hope that we have a great turnout! If you have any questions feel free to let me know via AIM or a PM on here.


Because he can mimic the banned boss characters, I think.

I know he can definitely mimic Jinpachi in T5DR. Don’t know about Nancy or Azazel in T6…


This time, for the sake of the scene as a whole. I have a really good feeling about this. One problem: I see the individual tournament fees but I don’t see the venue fee. Also, don’t forget to post at DustLoop (for BB) and Tekken Zaibatsu (…spelling?).


shiki u comin out?


Son, you know I’ll be there. I’m tryna to see if I can get some other heads to show up as well.


so is this a lock-in? when do the doors open again in the a.m.?

also no 3s? :sad:

are there gonna be other fighters for casuals? i’m not really big on tekken or bb, but i’d come out for some all night 3s action


Did this get posted on Tekken Zaibatsu yet?


Sorry due to time constraints and depending on how many people come out there wont be time for other games, pnt is kicking everyone out after they sell the game at midnight, 3s is pretty much dead anyways, ill run it at a session if enough people play, i suggest trying out kof 2k2 um that game is dope nasty. But again just to be clear only bb and tekken will be ran. Thanks for posting:tup:

edit: this is not a lock in…

been busy with work i havent had time ill send you my login info for that site, so you could do it for me please?:cool:


3rd Strike is definitely not dead, but I don’t see it being run at a PNT tournament.

This sounds cool - good luck man.


yea i was thinking in charlotte when I said that, preciate it roski. I will play 3s at luckys this time


No big deal. Man…if I didn’t have to work at 9 Tuesday, I’d be down. This shit should be hype.


is the prize cash or pnt credit? I might want to drive up to Charlotte for a fun tourney.