10/3 Burbank MvC2 results


1st- SooYoung “SooMighty” Chon - Mag/Sent/Storm, Cable/Sent/Cammando

2nd- Andre Malik - Mag/Storm/Sent

3rd- John “LunarKnight” Tran - Sent/Cable/Cyc, Storm/Sent/Cyc

I just put up the top 3. Rio got 4th I think. CYF didn’t enter this one. Just for clarification, the weeklies will go on until people stop coming. This tounry was a sign of things to come, or not come. Entree fee will be $3 EVERY week. Double elimination. Thanks :cool:


Wish i could be there. Skool is evil. :cool:


damn … im way to busy now a days to go to burbank :frowning:


What, no DK?


where the fuck was NElly???/ :lol:


Soo sold out by using team homo:D


Re: Re: 10/3 Burbank MvC2 results

NONONO, Team SKILLZ :smiley:




lol wtf a bump from 2 years ago


Bump? O_o…