10-30 hdr wwl open

Greetings! On Friday October 30, the WWL will be hosting an open tournament to anyone who wants to participate. The tournament will be double elimination, best two of three games, standard time limit, with a best 3 of 5 grand finals. The tournament will begin ON TIME at 10:30 EST / 7:30 PST. This tournament is open to all players in North America. Good luck!

If you want to sign up please be sure to include your XBOX Gamertag if its not in your profile already. Thank you… Oh I guess I should sign up first.

Silver Rain 007

And this one too!

How dare this forum tell me I must wait 150 seconds between posts! Insolence!

  • Pete

http://www.chatzy.com/575004186771 (Password ABCD1234)

Me play tourneyment.

I will be there to reclaim my honor!

Hey, I’d like to try a 360 tournament

im in.

got a better connection now, too.

I would like to sign up, if it’s not too late. Thanks!

Sorry for the late reply, I’m in.

Damn it started raining today, plans have changed. If you’ve got room I’d like to participate.

Alright you’re in Be in the chat room at 10:30 EST

http://www.chatzy.com/575004186771 (Password ABCD1234)

sorry i missed last night.

i got stuck watching flash metroid play sf4 for like 8 hours cause my ride wanted to play melee all night.