10/4/08 TRIUMVIR vs AVENUE 3rd Strike Tournament


1st place: Jason Lee (Ken)
2nd place: Andy Nguyen (Ken?)
3rd place: Danny Le (Remy)

Winner received Triumvir’s SHADALOO pack of his choice, $100 Gift Certificate to Avenue and other goodies including coin pouches, Vega posters and SF toys.

See you guys next time… soon.

didn’t hear about this. who are those guys?? lol

I think it was a private tourney.

Marc told me about it and showed me the flier, yet neither of us went

looks like they were played on X-Arcade sticks…

Yeah, it was a pretty casual “pre”-tourney for the OC heads to show up. Honestly if Bean/Marc/Vinny showed up you guys would of rocked the place for sure lol (lack of top tier in top 3 lol). The flier went up the day before the tourney so it was pretty last minute.

They were played X-Arcade because it was the most convenient. When we hold one in the future “officially” we’ll bust out the PS2s and it’ll be BYOS.

Turnout was great. Hope to see you guys next time. Probably when the next stuff drops.

just a heads up, no one uses x-arcades cuz they suck in terms or parts, and its pcb causes a LOT of input lag. It’s the Geo Metro of joysticks

Yea Vinny and I were planning on it, but I had already driven back to Simi for the weekend and I needed to get my oil changed at the time of the tournament. I better see you guys at Denjin this weekend :D. Bean, go to Zot damnit, no one ever goes haha.

go tomorrow from 12pm-1pm, haha.


X-arcades aren’t that bad. I use one w/ Happ Comp sticks (hard spring) and buttons. I have the 2 player version, too. haha

I have the two player x arcade too but I don’t use it.

wow. next time please announce this, you will get mad heads to come and fill up the store. mad props for triumvir and avenue for puttin this on. if u guys do decide to throw another one plz do so around thxgiving break so i can make it.

Truth. Especially with a Shadowloo pack up for grabs, shit would have been off the chain

How about you just go to Denjin on saturday Neiman ;).

someone let the girl in the 12th pic on the right know that i wanna holler :encore:

looks dope. damn i would have went if i knew about it.

soo, it’s “holla” and i call 2nd holla-ing dibs

touche. but i havent “holla’d” since high school. its been strictly “hollering” since. it has different meanings but youll see what i mean when there comes a time for you to cross that bridge my dook =)

holler means he’s calling her over cause it’s supper time, ahyuk.

haha man. i’m in norcal for skool at the moment. headin back down for thxgiving break.