10/4 HP MvC2 Tournament Results

1st - Jose Garcia : Storm/Sentinel/CaptainCommando

2nd - Israel Soltero Phat Toi : IronMan/Cable/Sentinel

3rd - Manuel Bermudez Jr : Magneto/Storm/TronBonne, Storm/Sentinel/Cable

4th - Jaime Orozco JLaruzo : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke, Magneto/Cable/Sentinel

5th - Fernando Quintero : Magneto/Cable/Cyclops
5th - Jason B. Shortterm : Magneto/Storm/Psylocke

Apex results here

Jose Garcia eliminates Junior in Loser’s Final 3-1, then goes on to defeat Phat Toi in Finals 4-2, 4-2.

I’d like to thank everyone that showed up. I’m surprised we managed to get a full 16-man tournament under last minute. :slight_smile:

Next HP MvC2 Tournament will be held on Saturday, 10/11.


Oh yeah! Julius was taping the tournament. If he decides to put them up, then expect to see a few matches online soon.

gg Jose and Phat toi
ahy para la otra jaime, tu no te aguites.

dam for once i actualy enterd an HP Tourney. Fuck it, good shit to jose. Shit was fun, hopefully more peeps come next time :evil:


Yo Shorterm- u still have an ill ass msp


was it single or double elimination?

it was double, i went to the finals thru out winners and lost both sets to jose