10-7-2005 was the last time I logged in


How I remembered my pasword is beyond me, but it put a big smile on my face!
I was around during the CVS2 on Live era. I doubt anyone will remember me, but I recall many aliases because hey, I learned a lot from a lot of players around here. I’m here now because I am DESPERATELY in need of some hardcore Brawl friends. Right now, the vast majority of my friends are from the Ign community and it seemed that most of them were never on to begin with. NOW, with the release of MKWii, which is fun but no Brawl, I can’t find any matches whatsoever. I want to Brawl, damnit. The game is fantastic, but its developers really did a mediocre job here.

Look, I will delete most of the folks on my list currently to get some good Brawl regulars from here on my list. Holla back if you’re interested.

Go to the brawl friends code thread if you want to get peoples info.

If you want more real time matches, try the brawl IRC channel.

Do people not check stickies anymore?