10-9 Customs (Cases now avalible!)

So now that I have the time to put together some more sticks I figured I’d open up a little shop. Enjoy! :bgrin:

Two cases will be avalible Saturday morning (Zebrawood, and Purpleheart)

I will be altering my schedule yet again… so stay tuned for the new plans once I finalize everything.

Hard/Exotic Woods:

Black Walnut: $??

Lacewood: $??

Purple Heartwood: $130

African Padauk: $??

Curly Maple $??

African Wenge: $160

Zebrawood: $160

$?? are placeholders untill I figure out the exact cost to me. Will be updated soon, additional types of wood may show up on this list shortly as well

Prices reflect the cost of materials… African Wenge and Zebrawood are about 5x the cost of Red Oak

Coco Bolo is a maybe at this point, I’m not sure if my bits will cut the stuff and I don’t know about risking $200 to find out

Some points:

**Box Size **- My boxes are 2.5" tall x 13.5" long x 9.5" wide

**Box material **- Non-Custom Red Oak boxes at first then Custom slots for Hard/Exotic Woods.

**Box Form **- Fully rounded or Round front and back with Chamfered Sides

**Button holes **- 3 Recessed 24mm button holes located on the back of the stick, Neutrik adapter on the far left hole.

Plexi - I use screw less plexi on my boxes for a seamless look. I tried lexan once but hated the stuff so all of my boxes will have plexi on the top.

Wires - All of my boxes will have a 24mm hole for the Neutrik adapter. I will be seeing if I can buy these in bulk so to eliminate the need for you to pick one up online somewhere.

Some Previous Works:






Works in progress:

African Wenge:






Purple Heartwood:






Wow, beautiful looking sticks, really clean and nice craftsmanship! With the right pricing, these things are going to fly out of your hands. The side buttons are nice and unique, and I’d have to agree about the rounded cases, not a fan of the chamfered/angled at all. Are you planning on putting an incline of any sort, or are they completely flat?

As for the wiring, recently there’s been a lot of requests around boards for the Neutrik adapter, which fits just fine into a 24mm hole. Since you’re making the sticks come completed, I’d say whichever method you feel like doing will be fine. Personally, I love the Neutrik adapter as it works well with all PCB setups - cthulhu/axisdapter/dual-imps, seems like the cleanest universal solution imho.

Not sure how your first come, first serve is going to work, but I’d definitely call dibs on a blank case, I’ll keep an eye out. Good luck with the sales, doubt you’ll be needing it though :3

These certainly look nice. Having the side buttons on the right wouldn’t really bother me. I’ll have to keep an eye open on these!

Hmmm, nice and simple. Tempting…

Man if I had money T_T

Zebrawood, Purpleheart… Cocobolo??! That shit’s toxic!

Am I on a custom guitar builders forum? hehe. Let me know what the cases are going to cost. That Evangelion stick in your avatar is one of my favorites on SRK! The three woods I listed above are my favorites… I’d love to get a quote and hear more about this project! PM me.

For your question of cabling, I think everyone likes the Neutrik mount idea, it’s really just clean overall. My only other suggestion would be if you don’t go with the mouth to have something to clip the cord into, like some sort of built in hook.

The only other way I could see you improving your cases would be with a handle perhaps…

Have you thought about what type of button layout you’re going to go with for each case? Will it strictly be 6 button only? I ask because many people like the 8 button layout for universal gameplay (SNK/Sanwa/America style layout all in one). This is becoming more relevant as we approach the release of the new KoF and MvC2.

I’ll definitely be interested in your blank box if it’s the button layout I prefer. Regardless I think you’ll have a few interested people around here for sure.

Hope that was helpful.

Also like the Neutrik idea. Will these have plexi bottoms? Any clue when stuff wills start to be put up for sale?

Am I right in seeing that the guide button is larger on the sides on that Eva stick? If so that’s a great feature. Slick looking sticks!

I might have to snag one from you once you finalize the design!

pm me a quote on ur heartwood and do u make sticks for xbox 360?

I’ll have prices up later tonight guys, just a matter of figuring out exactly how much these things cost me to make. I don’t expect to start selling untill the end of the month though, I needed some input on what exactly you guys liked and didn’t like about these.

Some extra points though… The boxes will be flat, I’m not sure about you all but I play 99% with it in my lap and that’s most comfortable to me with a flat layout, the other 1% where its on a table in front of me doesn’t feel akward with a flat box either.

The Red Oak boxes should be finished by the end of this month which is when I expect to start selling. I’ve pretty much got this whole process down by now though so it may go faster. Expect the exotic wood boxes to follow right after the Red Oak’s.

And it looks like I’ll be using 24mm holes for the Neutrik adapter, It’s the solution I like best and seems like a lot of you like it as well :wink:

As far as custom layouts, I would really like to offer this to you, but it would change the way I go about selling them. I may end up having to take reserve slots to do it that way, but I’d really like people to get something that was custom to them, so this may take a turn in that direction. HOWEVER, IF I end up taking reserve slots the list will be very small, were talking 4 or 5 people. This is to keep away from the idea of me getting up peoples hopes, taking their money, and telling them they’ll have to wait 2-3 months to get their box because there are 20 others in front of them… Please don’t PM me about a slot now though as I am not currently taking them.

Ok, off to the store, and to get started finishing up the boxes. Next update will have prices and pics of the different box mouldings.

Edit: Do you all like thick poly on your boxes (so it no longer feels like wood) or a thin coat? (still feels like wood)

By end of the month do you mean tomorrow or did you mean to say end of May?

Dumb question, but does thin poly scratch as easily? If not I say thin.

Was just about to re-edit.

Apologies to everyone I did mean end of May… Some of the Red Oak boxes may be done by the end of this week, but I will always give an update of atleast a day when a new box/boxes will be going up.

Ok now really off to the store…

I’ll poly a prototype and test that for you today halvie

Sorry to hear about your lay off man…all the best. But with regards to your arcade sticks, that is beautiful craftsmanship. I remember checking out that evangelion one you had a while back. Only improvement I would make is sell one to me! ha ha.

IMO thick poly, sticks tend to get a bit of use and abuse and the last thing I want is to get my beautiful custom scratched up :frowning:

Definitely gonna be watching this thread for those custom spots, keep up the good work!

After putting together the frame of the Purple Heartwood I realized a few changes will make things go MUCH faster…

Holes will be relocated to the back… I do like them on the side but with the tools I’m using the button holes going on the back will speed things up and it still looks classy.

As for box design, all will be either rounded fronts with chamfered sides, or rounded all over.

Custom Slots will be the way I end up going in the future, the Red Oak boxes will not have custom slots but everything after will… I am still not taking them yet so don’t worry you’ll have ample notice beforehand.

And one Purple Heart… Three recessed button holes on back, and Neutrik hole on left (please note that this one isn’t finished, it’ll look more uniform once it sits for a day or two and gets poly on it)

Prices coming up shortly, they’re a bit on the high end compaired to others, so be prepaired… :sweat:

seriously…hurry…wow those look freaking great.

vote for chamfered sides.

will any of the oak cases that will be for sale first be just case only, or are they all completed sticks?

Will any of the oaks have the usb hole thing?

I totally want a 360/PS3 complete stick. I know you won’t allow for a wait list… but if you wanna go outa your way to email me when you are about to post them up, I wouldn’t mind… :slight_smile:

I also vote for the chamfered sides. They’re looking great