$10 bounty to whoever figures out palette editing for ST on DC

$10 paypal will be instantly given to you the moment you tell me how to edit palettes on Super Turbo for DC

I’m looking at you, whoever figured it out for Marvel :woot:

I can’t imagine it would be much different than Marvel, anyways

I know me and lots of other people would like to see this happen, so lets make it happen!

What it is, ho! :woot:

This would be pretty interesting to see.

Has anyone ever created a hack to change the music in Marvel VS. Capcom 2? because I think that is a far more important matter. :wgrin:

yeah, back in like 2004 :wonder:


Oh, thank goodness! :slight_smile:

Tekken 5 and 5DR music works pretty well with MVC2…

I wanted to update palmod and never touch it again to move on to other things.

Some guy asked me that as well. If you have enough requests, I’ll do it.

It might not be that great for fighting to… But the MvC2 music is awesome! At least the Swamp Stage is. I could jam out to those trumpets all day. ALL DAY.

Alright!!! MVC2’s soundtrack has a fan. :wgrin:

Long-dead thread, but – zass put out his own version of PalMod for use with ST. I think Axel and zass know each personally, so it should be easy to hook up. :slight_smile: