10 button is what?!


we know what 6 and 8 button is.

https://c5.staticflickr.com/9/8565/28341834836_7ec7fd7259_o.jpgfigeddge by anzhar, on Flickr


10 button makes complete sense as long as it’s out of the way.
R3 and L3 (L analog stick button and R analog stick button) can be rather important in some games.


Monster dick.
Are those smoke translucent Hayabusa buttons? Kind of want.


looks a little bit like that mod the guy did that upset everyone at evo.



10 is the IQ of people who blame their losses on 8 frames


You would need all that for a smash 4 stick. 4C buttons, A, B, X, Y, Z, L, R… more like 11. Lol. I know you can do short cuts for like half of the inputs but just to be obnoxious I listed them all lol.


I’m just gonna be that guy.
X and Y are both Jump
L and R are both Shield
Z is Shield + A


Thanks for being that guy :wink:
P.S. If you don’t need tilt input you can also just press up for jump. Lol. So really you only need 1 shield, A, B, 1 jump if you up tilt a lot, and maybe a couple taunt buttons if you play on Project M.


Tap jump is dick


That’s how I’ve been playing it since n64 so it’s imbedded x.x I need to stop so I can get tilts down.


Smash is Dick. /thread




Those definitely are smoke Hayabusa buttons. I was able to play with the prototype at EVO and I’m impressed. The top panel is designed after the HORI Edge keyboard and has a great texture. I can’t wait for this to come out so I can review it.


Since 5 buttons is ass and 10=5x2, 10 buttons is double butt.


10 = BBC


it’s actually a hitbox in disguise.


i’m really interested in it. my VLX has a matte finish and its become my fav stick to play on. Was it gritty at all when you played on it?


The buttons felt just like the black matte Hayabusa buttons. I did not feel any grit on them. As for the metal panel, it didn’t feel gritty but you can tell the top panel is slightly texture from the brushed finish. Best way I can describe it is a smooth brushed aluminum.


I can’t wait to own a fighting edge. Eyeing the fighting edge since the first one