10 dead at Oregon Community College

Shooter might have posted on 4chan the night before


This is sickening.

R.I.P. to the victims.

Fucking hell, these shootings seem be happening more and more frequently. What the fuck is wrong with people?

The world is shitty, and a lot of people have too much stacked against them. We also live in a society where people with mental issues who legit need help are instead deemed ‘crazy’ or ‘strange’ and instead of getting help they need, get kicked out of homes, fired from jobs, and much worse, all because they are unable to properly deal with some situations in life.

(sits back and patiently awaits yet another abortive gun “discussion”)

We were unfortunately “overdue” for another one given how frequently these have been happening and given the lack of any meaningful action by anything to address any part of what’s causing this, so this is hardly surprising. In fact, given that the Kentucky shooting report from a week or two ago turned out to be fake, I basically anticipated this happening sooner rather than later.

This is such a nice way to start off October.

The same thing that’s always been wrong with humanity and always will be. Only real difference is that nowadays is just really easy to get access to weapons that make it really easy to kill multiple people at once. Nothing else has changed all that much, supposed connectivity of Internet technology aside.

Also guns.

Damn, my local college just had a shooting last month too. People are losing it in 'merica.


Better buy some guns to protect yourselves.
This could have been avoided if every security guard and teacher had a gun in school!

Just get rid of every gun to the public besides the weakest ones.


Then you can’t defend yourself from the corrupt governments tanks, gunships and aircraft.
Legalize all the biggest guns!

Perhaps we need to delve further into online personas and how some people take role playing and anonymity too far.

Fine. We can keep the rocket launchers, but just them. Nothing else.

Cant go anywhere, and wont. For every 100,000 people a year that say some crazy shit online, you might only get 1 that follows through, and even then, its never leveling a small city block every time this 1 gets through, its for people, and our government, an acceptable amount of deaths" for people to be sad, argue a little, and move on.

I dont know this persons motives yet, and im waiting like everyone else, but you have to change fundamentals of american society to HOPEFULLY prevent these types of people. We can blame message boards, or unknown irc channels for festering this shit, but out of the millions that visit the site everyday, and the thousands who say crazy shit everyday, how many are actually doing it. We can blame guns, but outside of getting an impossible lockdown on guns country wide, there are already hundreds of millions in circulation in america already anyways.

Like that cali shooter was a decent looking dude, had a privileged and fairly normal life. Even was going to be seeing a psychologist soon before his shooting, and he still was the slave to his own delusions about women and race, but mostly women.

Maybe better parenting would have helped the cali shooter, but free mental evaluations wouldnt have mattered. Clearly having a bmw, good looks, and being moderately intelligent wasnt his issue.

We just have to accept in america, that short of doing outlandish levels of lockdown, we’re in too deep, and these things are just going to happen. There are obviously steps we havent taken to help prevent this, but for the even partially determined, what happened today is unfortunately a yearly norm.

**I hate to sound like im giving up, cause we shouldnt, but its just so emotionally draining when these things happen. Like reading the story just sucked the energy out of me. One day going to community college to try to better yourself, maybe figure out what to do with your life, and some fool kills you for no reason. The thought of your last thoughts, words, etc…, not being around those that you love,just your own certain death if you werent instantly killed, is just so sad and draining to me. **

Basically this.


I didn’t mean it as a way to pass the blame around. I think if someone wants to kill people nothing will really stop them from doing it. Like you said only a very small percentage of people act on this fantasy but with so much of our life now spent online I am sure this number will start to go up.

This pretty much



Shootings are actually down for the most part.


That kinda depends on the scale of your timeline. For me, I was using my lifespan, which is 35 years. Since the 1980s, the number of shootings and deaths/injuries involved has increased, by a lot.

Here’s an article that has more statistics about shootings in the United States over the last few decades: