10 excuses for getting out of work

Don’t want to go to work? So you call in with the lame-old excuse about feeling ill even though you know your boss doesn’t buy it. Besides, “feeling ill” is at best only a short-term solution that won’t win you any fans at the office. That’s why if you’re going to play hooky, you need an excuse that will help you save face as well as your sanity. Here are some ideas

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Thank you. I will keep these excuses in mind next time.

ive been pioneering number 2 since like 2002 for the retail jobs i worked, now that i dont work retail i havent used it in about 2 years

I have one of those job where you pick up your phone, say “I won’t be in today, cya tomorrow” and that’s that.

Sadly, I don’t call in sick for fun…don’t have a habit of doing so and it’s a 6 people shop. One person missing means 1/6 of the company is missing. Everyone there is good people so one try to be fair to them. Only when I really am prevented from getting in is when I stay home.

Now, being late is another story

What’s your excuse for being banned?

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