10 Game PCBs in a Cabaret / Mini

I wanted to post this when I got all my PCBs in there, but I am at a road block at finding the last few games I am looking for…

I have the Pac-Man 25th Anniversary / Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga Cabaret unit from Namco, as you can see below, I chose to void my warranty and mod the crap out of it.

I am using the 6 in 1 PCB switcher, when the non-remote version comes out, I will add that to the cabinet so I can switch between 11 PCBs. For now I have my 6 favorite games on the switcher and manually switch out the remaining 4, it’s pretty quick with the JAMMA extension cables. I secured the boards with Velcro and they seems to stay in place pretty well.

The boards that are in there are;
Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga - Came with unit cool continue feature.
Arcade Shop Programmable JAMMA
60 in 1
Namco Classic Vol. 1
Namco Classic Vol. 2
Galaga '88
Space Invaders '95
Cosmo Gang the Video
Tenkomori Shooting

What do you guys think?

BTW I am still looking for the following, if you got one you want to part with let me know…
Space Bomber
Blast Off

That’s awesome, how much power does that thing suck up? You should put a 6-slot MVS in there to add even more games while only taking up 1 Jamma slot.

cool idea!

yourself make build arcade cabinet?

I prefer cartiridge is easy. for example Neo Geo MVS is cartridge in PCB. that’s save a space in cabinet.

My favourtie arcade machine NEO GEO MVS and Atomiswave system.

No its a Namco 25th Pac-Man cab, (see my user icon) vertical monitor so no MVS in this cab, however I am running over 80 games as pictured.

Over 80 games. freak awesome!

My favourite old classic shump arcade

  • 1942 to 194X series of arcade shoot-em-ups by Capcom

I want to buy shump by Cave but I’m undecide which is best shump by Cave? I never played the shump by Cave. I used Taito , Konami and Capcom

Well my favorite Cave game is Puzzle Uo Poko, not a shoot-'em-up but insanely addictive.

As for the 80+ games in my cab,

1943 Kai
Super Bagman
Bomb Jack
Congo Bongo
Crush Roller
Dig Dug
Dig Dug II
Dig Dug Arrangement
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Foundry
Donkey Kong II
Donkey Kong Jr.
Donkey Kong 3
Mario Bros.
The End
Galaga 88
Galaga Arrangement
Gun Smoke
Jumping Jack
Juno First
Tenkomori Shooting
Time Pilot
King & Balloon
Mappy Arrangement
Moon Cresta
Moon Patrol
Mr. Do
Mr. Do Castle
Pac-Man Fast
Pac-Man Slow
Ms. Pac-Man Fast
Ms. Pac-Man Slow
Super Pac-Man
Pac-Man Plus
Jr. Pac-Man Fast
Pac-Man Arrangement
Pinball action
Rally X
New Rally X
Rally X Arrangement
Shao-lin’s Road
Space Panic
Space Invaders
Deluxe Space Invaders
Space Invaders '95
Super Cobra
Super Breakout
Tank Battalion
Van Van Car
Super Xevious
Xevious Arrangement
Super Zaxxon

Correction make that 11 PCBs in one cabaret cabinet.
I just added Gunbarich to the bottom right…

I am still looking for Space Bomber and Blast Off, let me know if you have one of these PCBs or know where I can get them.

I like arcade table cocktail because I can drink a beer and sandwick on arcade table. I sit chair is very comform than stand. :wink:


I use to have an original Ms. Pac-Man cocktail. We use to do lines of coke off it in the late 80s. I had a multi-pac PCB for it and an original Jr. Pac PCB, I sold it to subsidize the cost of my new cabaret machine, going JAMMA was the WTG!

Space was always an issue with it, it has a much larger footprint than my cabaret. I have my cabaret resting on a Uhaul moving blanket so I can move it anywhere I want in the house without scratching up the floors or needing someone else to help me move it.