10 min. preview of the BLACK DYNAMITE (DYNAMITE) animated series

WARNING: This vid is somewhat NSFW at the start.
Watch it before it gets removed or some such.
Sorry if this was brought up in another thread.
EDIT: It’s divided into 2 clips, each is 5 minutes long.

Wow, this show looks amazing.

Looks awesome.

Animation is spectacular IMO, love the colouring and shading
[spoiler=]Bullhorn should appear in every ep. I can’t get enough of his rhyming XD.
…and did Honey Bee lose some weight?[/spoiler]

The Original Bullhorn

I threw that fist before I walked in the room

what does nsfw mean >?:bluu:

^Not Safe For Work…

“It’s not about the honkeys!!!”

“Ribbet motherfucker ribbet!”

“Now dig it while you still can…cause the light just turned muthafuckin green, bye bitch!”

Watching this day one…

I never told anyone this… but I used to be a children… :rofl:

Good episode, but I wonder how the humor will turn out in the end after hearing this joke.
Yea, it was used the movie, made me laugh when I first heard it. Seeing this episode, hearing that joke again, I couldn’t help but tell myself “wait a second…” and remember the part of the movie.

Still, good pilot episode, I’m down for watching the next one.

Black Dynamite was a grown ass man as a child, that like a twist of this dumb movie here where is he was like a 10 year old child when he was born:rofl:…

EDIT: What the fuck? “I remember the day I was born”:rofl:

yay cream corn’s back!

hahaha damn this shits awesome

Of course she did. You need to have one female with a tiny waist. If there were two chicks in the show then Honey Bee could have remained her original size.

That Frog Kurtis steals the show

"diabolical DEEEZ NUTS! IN YO FACE-AH!



well i dont think adult swim will remove it anytime soon. I can’t stop laughing at it. I was having a hard time finding a proper pic of frog kurtis. Since they are puppets I hope he comes back.

This feels like The Boondocks…