10 minutes of RAGE

nothing aggravates me more than ranked ass matches…

hilarious, great play anyway.

I’m glad that you find my pain funny :frowning:


sub, like, enjoy
more Makoto than anything this time, cant help but love the boy faced bitch

next ep, some possible Max Payne spoilers
sub, like, enjoy


Nice matches !

cheers. next one I’m goign back into ranked… so there wont be a single nice match in it >_>

next ep!

made a quick 10mins one

Your SF footage is stretched. Can fix in standalone video player thankfully.

next ep
sub, like, enjoy!
also Komatic, I had it with original aspect before and it looked worse imo

episdoe 24
I got some horrible beatings by the honda in this vid… urgh


I recently organised/hosted a local tournament. I’ll spare you the multitude of videos I uploaded, but you might like the little “montage” I did

If any of you are in the Birmingham area of UK, feel free to come to the next event. join the FB group to keep upto date
(and yes. I was the shitty akuma who did the jump over demon… I was too disrespectful of Dudleys recovery time…)

been a while

I think sometime this kinda rage can finish the game in two or three minutes.

I have no idea what that means…


Akuma matches!

newest ep! 30 mins this one, but I’m sure some of you can relate to my stressing…