10 minutes of rage


friend suggested I should post these here too, instead of just on akuma forums
assuming you like SSF4 you should enjoy these too

episode 1 [media=youtube]Wh7rZA2v0ew[/media]
episode 2 [media=youtube]2TrQvrjzDb4[/media]
episode 3 [media=youtube]DJHTP61pNoo[/media]
episode 4 [media=youtube]DRkXxelnSM8[/media]
episode 5 [media=youtube]yyzBh0VihrY[/media]


Episode 5
had to edit the shit out of this to cut 30 seconds… that’s why it’s so ugly at places



Episode 6
Long time coming, but I was busy with random shit, but I finally got some proper capture stuff too
[LEFT]Episode 6 showcasing:[/LEFT]



[LEFT]me fighting IcxI Senser.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]tried to jam 2hrs into 15mins… so urgh…[/LEFT]
[LEFT]and now I hate the music…[/LEFT]

started using the mic properly… (though the volume is fucked)
gonna actually start using this shit to try and improve, rather than just filming and making montages










Nice which system you playing on


Xbrox, I have it on PC, but dont do ranked there because I think xbox playerbase is generally better




new ep!
sub, like, enjoy!


next ep, some possible Max Payne spoilers
sub, like, enjoy



two eps actually
started throwing in some BF3

and the ep I just finished uploading


2 more eps

sub, like, enjoy!


made a quick 10mins one




how do you come up with these titles :rofl:


it’s actually relevant to the episode :slight_smile:


Episode 24!