10 people from SRK you want to be in bed with

So I was browsing SRK and realize someone bump this thread.
Let put a twist on this bitch.

Name 10 people you want to meet in a a bed (or possibly truck stop bathroom).

This doesnt necessarily mean you love them, but obvious reason would be because you love them. Other reason is because maybe you want to give them a German suplex in your underpants. (who knows this is SRK, anything is possible.) Maybe because you just want to test yourself to see how good/strong you are.

I really dont care if you want to give them a power bomb because you hate them or want to have their balls in your face. (no homo )


I want that ass… and you pherai. I want your ass too.

I don’t know white ass?

I thought SRK had yellow fever.

In before Lothar says Greg Oden. (Even though he is not on SRK…)

Pherai is probably #1, I want to hit him with the [media=youtube]P2iwg8IJhqI&feature=related"[/media], and when I say “sweet chin music”, I mean smacking him in the face with my balls… no homo.

you guys are making me blush :lovin::lovin:

also that HBK compilation is sick

Not sure whether I should be disturbed or laugh.


This forum is scaring me

anyone who spams threads mercilessly arguing about inane shit, lets see how much you can run that mouth when you’re getting your shit pushed in (dangerously homo).


Me and a giant squid vs the anime and manga thread.
Mostly so I can film it and sell it to the survivors.

Edit: Whoops, thought this was the cage match thread…
still works.

Edit 2: and Boel. For making this thread and getting it locked immediately in lives past.

Uh, no.

I don’t really want to be in bed with any SRKers, including the females. I am extra suspect of females on SRK actually too the point of being like the guards in Metal Gear Solid always on “!”.


It’s time for things to get seriously inappropriate, wonderfully awkward and ultimately creepy as I unleash the answers straight from the Realness Dimension?:

  1. Ne0phyte instantly came to mind. I’m not even sure which version is better…the short-hair or the long-hair version…either way, this broad is on fire with the hotness…it’s an interesting mixture of cuteness and hotness at the same time. That weird little tattoo detracts from her overall score though…it’s in a strange place if I recall…I’d have to mentally block that out.

  2. Tacochan. I still haven’t forgotten. I remember her friend was alright too.

  3. rinispark – still remember, after all these years.

  4. phae – I figure…eh, why not? She might be high on something at the time, which may add to the fun times.

  5. lokagirla.

…I still have the pictures.

  1. pherai
  2. pherai
  3. pherai
  4. pherai
  5. pherai
  6. pherai
  7. pherai
  8. Francys Pai, just ‘cause everyone else is doin’ it.
  9. pherai
  10. pherai. In the truck stop bathroom. With the candlestick.


Francys Pai is only into Dic players

oh yeah, also just gonna further traumatize that one dude who had a thread made about him geting terror raped by fat bitches, let’s ruin that life a little more. Boel or something, I forget.

9 ppl from the anime and manga thread. I’ll be visualizing your avatars when we do it.

And Inverse.


in any order, or hell all at once. Those niggas could get it

and i don’t have the pics.

i’m hurting here.

I’m not going to hit up female SRK’ers, just on principle. Don’t shit where you mash, or something like that…

This thread would be perfect for bloofy. I can picture some classic posts coming from it.