10 people from SRK you want to be lock up in a steel cage with

So I was browsing SRK and realize someone bump this thread.
Let put a twist on this bitch.

Name 10 people you want to meet in a steel cage with. I?m talking about WWF/WWE Hell in a Cell or whatever it is called now a day?s.

This doesn?t necessarily mean you hate them, but obvious reason would be because you hate them. Other reason is because maybe you want to give them a German suplex in your underpants. (who knows this is SRK, anything is possible.) Maybe because you just want to test yourself to see how good/strong you are.

I really don?t care if you want to give them a power bomb because you hate them or want to have their balls in your face. (no homo :confused:)


Every mother fucker in the NBA thread. (Some of you guys I love other cause I want to power bomb through a table. No offense of course) (VS, Geo, Kim, Lothar, Jae, C-Lint, Matrix, Satomi, Noodle, Hoonyo, PB, Shinblanka, P.Gorath, and the other 20 people I forgot to mention.)

Epidemic ? I want to test myself against someone who thinks he can beat a chimp. You probably beat my ass, but what the hell you only live once go for broke!

Who I want to see lock up in a steel cage?

VS vs Lantis.
Maxx vs Truong.
Million vs any thing that has a vagina.

I vote Epidemic to fight himself.
** The Epidemic vs The Epidemic**

Then for the LULZ:
MUSOLINI vs Black Jesus

This thread is so terrible.

Delete it now before other people draw the conclusion that you want them to wrestle with you.

Ireenicus: Lol I don’t care this is SRK. Plus this is all hypothetical. Just saying… :coffee: GD is like a dysfunctional fam anyways. No one take it personal or I hope not. :rolleyes:

Adding some more matches!

I wan to see a

Lumberjack match between Nori and Spudly, with Muff Daddy and everyone else that hate Spudly being the lumber jacks.

Handicap match between Stuart Hayden + Emblem Lord vs Miss Darkness. (Sorry this would be ultra lulz.)

SRKev and Stuckey has to do the announcing that would just be icy on the cake.

I would say R.P.D Rookie, but his idea of fighting is just going fetal and making you feel bad about fighting him. It’s a pretty clever tactic but it’s not fun to watch… dood.


there’s only sex going on in my steel cages, no dudes allowed.

Too bad Million going to bust in it.

I willing to bet on that. He come right through the ceiling on the wire too.

The entire gay thread…Now its time to get oiled up.

ahh dammit, i was thinking this was a hell in the cell-type cage. i forgot to throw ne0phyte in there as well…

:rofl: That is just fucked up. I like it. :tup:

Black Jesus against these newfound female SRK’ers </see SRK homepage (wtf)>. I’ve always wanted to see “birnging the arpe” in live action.

cant we just put all yall motherfuckers in one big ass trailer and light the shit up? beats watching bitch ass motherfuckers fight like, well, bitches.

im all in for some girl on girl action, oil included. somebody better tape that shit. just make sure the gay thread dudes dont come barging in.

Hey, fuck you whore! Niggas can get down when they needs to. My turtle game carries over into real too and seeing as it sucks dick in 3S, well I guess yea I’m an easy target in real life too. :smokin: