[10 People From SRK You Would Like To Meet]

With the annual “What do you love about SRK” thread popping up again for the 1000th time, I figured it was that time of the year where we suck each other’s dicks. Therefore:

Keep it to 10. Make it people you have not met before.

My 4 Favourite #srkgd’ers:

The Jew, the Frenchy, the Bassist, and the filthy Puerto Rican.

I would totally have a drink with Quiche and Valaris. Quiche loves beer, and Val doesn’t go out to bars, so it would be a funny combination. Warpticon and me would probably just throw puns at each other for an hour, then leave. I want to meet DS so i can tell him to STFU in real life. Then we would have an epic run/fight/sideburn growing competition to the death.

The 4 SRK Loungers:

AddySols, VSLASH, Az, and Stuckey.

I need to see AddySols IRL to confirm that he is in fact, not black. I want to call Slash a failure, Azrael Chris Tucker, and get some crazy ass stories from Stuck.

And the final 2:



Stuart Hayden and Lobelia Prima

But wait Desi…what?!



Yes, i’m admittedly not the biggest fan of these two on the forums. Both their online personas seem “very built up”, and non-reflective of what they act like in real life. I don’t like disliking anyone, and meeting these two in real life would give me a better understanding of them. That’s it.

BONUS! Three people you would NOT want to meet:

Million, Shaft Agent, and Calpet Rint.

These three are all hilarious as faceless enigmas. Meeting them would totally destroy that.

Someone should just list the 10 weirdest dudes on here

Elizabeth Banks, Joe Pescipo, and Liam Nieson

Seriously, though…DaDesiCanadian is gayer than eight guys sucking off nine guys.

gonna be lurking this thread to see who mentions my name

i’d like to meet weeks and lint but really its always a pleasure getting drunk with ppl at evo no matter if its some random 09 dude, or some dude whose been lurking since 01 but never created an account, or whatever.


Time for the CIRCLE JERK to emerge once again!

Lobelia Prima - is that the drag from MTV who doesnt shut the fuck up at all, and makes it known to the world that his discovery of his feminine side somehow gave him this elitistist mindset of being an all knowing douche?

Yeah Des, got to agree with Iren here, you gay homie.

In no particular order (why only 10? :shake:):

  • Fir
  • Stuart
  • IzunaDrop
  • Valaris
  • Mixah
  • LBC
  • J4YX2
  • Lobelia
  • 4Play
  • angryliberal

I would actually like to meet Fish just see if he’s as big an asshole in real life. I sure hope so. (homo)

Top 6 List of People who I want to kick their ass and piss on their faces:

  • Klint
  • Will Gotti
  • DaDesiKanadian
  • The Purple Bunny
  • Irennicus

Seriously, fuck you guys. :arazz:

This seems like one of those threads only for well known gd’ers. I’ll post anyway though.

In no particular order:
Million(Mainly just to stare at chicks in some public area and discuss their attributes)
Preppy(Just to say thanks and buy him some alcohol)
Will Gotti

Awwww fuck you to man. :tup:

i can’t even name 10 people on this site except for mr. wizard

Whatever, nerd.

Oh yeah, nigga? I’LL FUCK YOU UP! Real talk, nigga! I just added you. Watch your back, nigga. :mad:

Actually, considering your sexual deviance, maybe I should stay away of you… :confused:

…After I fuck your face, that is. :arazz:

I dont really care if I meet people from here or not. No names come to mind right now either.

ah I thought of one person I would have liked to meet from here but I dont remeber his name. He was the one that had that Pimpology 101 thread going back in the day. Some good advice and laughs there. hehe


aka black shadow

u mad?

You haven’t been posting/IRC whoring enough recently to be name dropped.

I’d ask you to go fall on a strapon, but you’ve already done that.

EDIT: Yeah, I figured my final 2 would make people go



Actually, I do feel bad for wasting my final 2 on them.

I didn’t say I was mad. I said you’re gay.

Vslash, Sunoco, Hoonyo, Valaris, Satomiblood, Purplebunny, Luciano Leone, Sas, CLint, Superking

Honorable mention: GeoG2 & matrix

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.