10 Year-Old Chinese boy cuts safety rope of construction worker working on the 8th floor


…because he couldn’t hear his cartoons over the construction work.

That Xiyangyang some serious addiction.

So nice that the biggest ramification that kid faced was his dad had to buy the worker another safety rope.

Now, SRK Punmachine…GO!


If it takes you more than ten years to understand the value of life then your brain is defective.


this just made me realize I fucking forgot to buy Donkey Kong Jenga today.





Kid wanted to make his own show:



Guess that kid…

…was at the end of his rope…



Sad tale. Worker was reaching out for his trusty friend, the rope, and got left hanging



One might say, his life hung by a mere thread.
( •



Chinese people and their cartoons, a tale as old as time


Let’s get down to business, we got to beat the noise…


I’ve got the sudden urge to rewatch Jackie Chan adventures




After cutting the rope, the kid stuck his head out and asked “Eeeeh… whassup doc?”


No, he’s chinese. The place is super-crowded, so life really has little value to them. Humans weren’t meant to live so closely with other humans not part of their band or tribe…it has a depersonalizing and life-devaluing effect.

And The World of Gumball is serious business, apparently.


Like I still want to know this:

Why did a couple living in an apartment not only have a saw, but had it within their child’s grasp? I mean, I live in an apartment, and have considered buying a dremel, but if I had a kid, I wouldn’t have it in a place where he could suddenly play, “Let’s Dissect My Hand.”

Where was mom? Or, considering it’s China, grandma? How much willful negligence does it take to not notice that your only child has gotten up from his vegetative state of watching cartoons, grabbed the saw, and now has said saw outside the window hacking away at something?

And are there really no criminal negligence laws over here that you could slap the parents with for leaving their son ALONE WITH A SAW?

Man, the phrase Little Emperors never rings truer than this.


He could have been the first chinese ever to be well hung.


This story should be turned into a revenge movie
Every year the kid wakes up and finds himself dangling off the side of the building, he doesn’t know how he got there.


That’s pretty fucked up.


shorty needs to learn,
cutting a dangler’s rope is funny.
but dropping an anvil on homboy’s head woulda been 10x funnier.
but he’s only 10, so give him time.


Breaking news! This just in!

Construction worker’s name has been revealed.
his name:
Wai Lee Kai Yo-Ti