10 year old kid crashes his father's 206k Maserati


Dont know if this old news but holy shit!!! I would have beat the living mess out of this kid.

He was cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

If I was the father, I’d probably kill the kid and dump the body off the Hong Kong pier. It takes a while for a Maserati to get built, a lot longer than making a dumb ass kid.

I’m inclined to believe any collisions were not the fault of the boy, as it happened in Hong Kong.

I used to drive Maseratis when I was at an old valet job. What I don’t get is how the kid figured out how to start it then put it in drive. Those things have a little t-bar shifter, tricky to figure out from regular to even luxury car standards and have space shuttle dashboards/interface. Oh well. If he has a daddy who dishes out ass whoopings, I’d hate to be him. I got those for little shit on to fighting back in the day. My dad would’ve soccer kicked my head off if he had a Maserati and I crashed it.

Killing or beating the kid wouldn’t get him a new car. Whipping his ass every time he comes home with marks lower than 90%, forcing him to study him a set amount of hours every week so that he has a better chance at getting a good job would get him a new car.

I’d let my kid know that he owes me 205k and I expect him to pay me.

I can already see that father’s reaction:


Skip to 00:52.

That outta be an ass whooping for the ages.

The ones where you still feel it the next day in class. Body all sore n shit like you been working out.

Can’t forget that:

a) When carmakers make a car, a kid is involved.

b) Kids can break anything meant to be broken and in a lot of cases, better than adults

c) Kids

Newer versions of the Ferrari/Maserati flappy paddle gearbox no longer have the t-bar and instead have simple push buttons. All he had to do was press D and he was good to go.

Up next: Father crashes his 10 year old son’s head.

I bet when the police got the kid the kid was like

“its fun to do hoodrat stuff and my friends smoke wit cigawettes”

Imagines what would’ve happened if the kid’s father was Jamaican

I saw the news in Chinese before and apparently, the kid had some kind of disorder too.


Welcome to Die.

Its only a car…As long as the kids is ok, im sure the dad will get over it…my pregnant asian wife hit a deer & messed up the car, my only concern was the baby & her was ok…Still has the deer fur on it…

Why would you let your wife drive knowing she’s asian

Exactly, 10 year olds shouldn’t be driving & women either, especially asian women drivers…But in the end its only a vehicle & no one got hurt accept the deer so its ok…

Kids these days. When I crashed my dad’s European luxury vehicle, he stabbed me to death. It builds character.

Considering I couldn’t rest my back on a chair or bed for 3 days when I acted in a way that could have broken something not worth a lot of money, actually breaking something worth 200k would result in broken bones minimum.