10-year-old refuses to pledge allegiance to country that discriminates against gays

William Phillips, a 10-year-old boy in Arkansas, has refused to recite the Pledge of Allegiance because he believes there is no “liberty and justice for all.”

In particular, Phillips said there was no liberty and justice for gay people, who are not allowed to marry. Although people are often suspicious of parents who indoctrinate their children and put their children at the forefront of political protests, this act of defiance seems to have been initiated by Phillips alone.

Phillips told CNN that he had thought through the words of the Pledge of Allegiance for several days before coming to the decision. He asked his parents whether it was against the law not to stand for the pledge, and ultimately decided not to stand or recite the pledge. “I was analyzing the meanings of it because I want to be a lawyer,” Will said of his thought process.

Phillips said he had grown up knowing gay people, had gay friends, and believed that they deserved the same rights as everyone else.

Phillips first refused to stand for the pledge at the beginning of the week. He continued to do this throughout the week. A substitute teacher was filling in that week, and tried to make Phillips stand up, but Phillips would not.

Phillips continued to refuse the substitute’s daily attempts to get him to stand for the pledge. “I eventually, very solemnly, with a little bit of malice in my voice, said, ‘ma’am, with all due respect, you can jump off a bridge.’”

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I want to shake his hand and buy him a drink. Apple juice of course. I’m not for or against gay marriage but this is top tier on the highest regard.


That kid is really eloquent. O_o

Although his “malice” is misguided, that’s pretty cool of him.

I think he’s lame.

Here, can I not pledge allegiance to the country where I live because this country discriminates against people who like to ride bicycles?

There is nothing in the constitution or in Federal law that does anything remotely discriminatory towards gays. I’m not going to give props to this kid and give him motivation to continue ignorantly protesting against shit he is uneducated about for the rest of his life.

:rofl: I don’t think I was ever polite like this when I was 10, or even now for that matter.

Jae? :confused:

On one hand I know what he’s doing, on the other hand, a lot of men and women have died for that flag. On one hand, he’s standing up for a group of people that will eventually get what they deserve, truly equal status (marriage and the whole 9 yards). On the other hand, he’s shitting on all those that have given their lives, and can never have them back. Men who have bled out on battlefields thousands of miles from home, looking at their own guts spilling out before they die. Although he feels he’s doing the right thing, he is a child and does not truly understand.

No sir, someone needs to let him know the disservice he’s doing.

Top shelf! That kid has every right to say that and did it in a surprisingly mature way. He also has a very good point.

@ R.P.D: That’s right, everyone who disagrees with anything the US does is a dirty traitor, right? Maybe you’re the one that’s “shitting on all those that have given there lives” for your flag, discounting the views of others so readily in contrary to the freedom of opinion that is enshrined in your constitution.

He picked Arkansas of all places to do this?

I think people put too much meaning into things like this. Soldiers died for a cause and a country, not for a pledge.
Canada doesn’t have anything like this unless you count the national anthem.

Anyone who dies for a fucking flag is a moron. I don’t care how patriotic you are, if someone puts a gun to your head and says “The only way you’ll get out of this is by burning a flag”, you’re going to burn that fucking flag. People don’t die for flags, they die for people, places, and ideas. The flag just happens to be a symbol for all of that (sometimes).

The pledge of allegiance is horse shit either way you look at it though. I don’t like its intention, the idea that you’re going to make it a LAW that every kid has to stand up and mechanically spout out a few lines to make them ‘obedient’ or whatever is stupid.

That doesn’t even matter though because eventually every kid in class just gets up and does it and doesn’t think about the words. It doesn’t have any effect rather than one of the other things elementary school students have to do before they start their day.

Good on him I say, kid is totaly gaining some early man points there.

Also is saying that people who went to war and defended their friends and families back home were just doing it for a pledges and flags and **** really respectful? Sounds like it’s downplaying what they did if anything.

I remember that no school ever tried to force me to pledge besides stupid ass private religious schools I went to. It’s absolutely stupid since I never accepted this entity to have dominion over me. Yet, I can’t even be allowed to refuse to pledge to it, lmao.

Anyways, on topic, I don’t see why this is worthy of praise at all. His actions aren’t changing anything. There isn’t anything special about this. In fact I would prefer if he’d keep his opinions to hisself to be honest. It isn’t really the place to take political stands during classroom formalities.

Also, issues like gay marriage have always been irrelevant to me since I never saw why there had to be a debate over something so trivial. People are already allowed to make contracts with other people. Marriage is a contract, and the governments refusal to acknowledge it is idiotic.

Well, here in Kromoatoa, we whip children who refuse to wear the liberty hat when they sing/dance national anthem/jig. Not doing the noises and sound effects can land you the death penalty though.

But good on that kid. I try my hardest to avoid standing every day.

Hm…so basically gay marriage doesn’t really bother you but a kid having a opinion about gay marriage does?

I never really did the pledge of allegiance…but that was because I was too lazy to stand.

What difference would it have made if done elsewhere?

I think the kid is well within reason. I never stand for pledges or put my hand over my heart for any anthem. Just like I don’t remove my hat or bow my head when people around me decide to pray. I don’t ever raise a stink over any of it, but it’s clearly my choice as to what I pledge “allegiance” to.

No, people acting like he should be worthy of praise bothers me…

This type of shit has been going on a while, for many reasons. This behavior is nothing new.

They aren’t morons… As you said the flag is supposed to sum up all of the things meaningful to a person about this country that they would want to put themselves in harms way to protect. A country is represented by its flag.

And I gotta agree with you to an extent, if someone wanted to draft me to go fight in a country thousands of miles away because two countries are having a hissy fit, there’s no fucking way I’m doing that. If it’s a fight that concerns the home soil, it’s completely different.

Can’t imagine being drafted for vietnam. Take this gun and walk through miles of jungle that the enemy knows like the back of their hand because they live here, good luck.

I am Mrs. Cleo, and I will see in the future for you child… A gay marriage shitstorm/debate will happen in this thread but if you want to know when, it will be $9.95, yes you heard me, I can tell the future for only nine ninety five per minute. CALL NOW!:wow:

My opinion though, that 10 year old took care of this like a grown ass man, way to put some hair on your chest man good job, this is awesome to me.

yup, and it still bothers me.