10-year-old refuses to pledge allegiance to country that discriminates against gays

Don’t ask, don’t tell.

Didn’t Obama end that…

He says that he is against the policy, but no, he hasn’t.

I’m more impressed with the kids intellect at that age. He clearly put some actual thought into the words of the pledge rather than the rest of the mindless drones who follow the norm because that’s what society has deemed as a must do or those who are too lazy like me. :rofl: I like his moral fiber though but the sad part to this is that his actions beyond this point is mostly going to bite him in the ass. Just hope he doesn’t turn into those fanatics who protest about every little thing.


Gay marriages

Problems solved

It’s not moronic to die for what you believe in. But I do agree with pretty much everything else. When I was a kid I used to always do that pledge but it was only because I wasn’t smart like this 10 year old. I didn’t really even pay attention to what I was saying, just learned the words and said it.

I dunno if I’m impressed or not with that kids ability to think at an adult level already though. I liked being a kid and not having to think about politics and all that other junk. Wish I could go back to the fantasy world that he appears to already be out of.

gays can’t get married how the hell is that not discriminatory? don’t be ridiculous. the kid is good for standing up to the religious nutjobs in america that are holding back this country. esp since he has the balls to do it in arkansas.


Marijuana - Yes
Gay marriages - Yes
Prostitution - No, nothing is good about this. Disease, low self esteem, depression, and giving rich bastards an easy lay is not good for anyone. Can’t get a girl? Learn to masterbate, use porn. It’s legal and a perfectly good release. Prostitution is just disgusting.

Problems solved

I highly doubt the kid came up with all this on his own. He’s acting like he has had full life experiences at 10. Dude is still playin with pokemons. Says he has a bunch of gay friends and whatnot. 10 year olds don’t even know what a vagina looks like let alone adult gender traits. The real issue is why a kid is talking about sexual tendencies in 4th grade. Kids aren’t even supposed to know about sex that young. Someone needs to check with his parents. He probably got molested.

Exactly. The symbolism behind such things is what makes them so important.

I have a girlfriend and would never pay for sex about to marry too.

Prohibition is not the answer; look at alcohol. Do you know how many runaway/kidnapped girls are being pimped? At least make it an industry where they can be tested. Prostitution happens and it would be better to control it than to avoid it.

Escorts = Prostitution

Regulating is better than denial.

If we legalize mary jane, then the government would tax it. Then people would continue to do it under the police’s nose, no?

That’s real talk. I didn’t know anything outside of the world of legos when I was 10.

Yeah I was about to post the same thing. $20 says this kids parents are the ones really pushing him to do it. I agree with the opinion, but I don’t like using kids as a vehicle for it.

There are a lot of good comments and horrible comments in this thread.

Proud of the kid for standing for what he believes in.

Im pretty sure his parents hate gays. I make this opinion solely based on southern stereotypes however.

you can’t seriously believe that. rich powerful people in the upper tiers of multi billion dollar corporations control all the power in the country, and their ideals are greed, screwing people over, free bailouts, and lack of accountability. whatever “ideals” the founding fathers originally had are hardly a reflection of the actual reality today.

He’s gonna be fucked on xmas morning then

Kids aren’t naive as we use to be because the internet has all the answers and kids can access computers easier than we could growing up.

First off marriage is a social and legal contract. Legally, the federal government acknowledges all marriages AFAIK. It is the states that restrict them. Get married in Hawaii and you are married in the federal governments eyes. Again AFAIK.

The social contract thing comes down to the individual and what ever “faith” he and his community subscribe too.

If you don’t like that line that says “under god” than say so. Don’t throw out gay marriage as a strawman argument because whether or not the pledge of allegiance exists, the fact that individual states decide what is marriage has nothing to do with a pledge to a country. A country that is putting that snobby ass kid through school for free.

do you find porn disgusting too? you know those girls are being paid to have sex right? only difference is they’re getting filmed. so if i fuck a hooker and film myself, and upload it to youporn, you’d have no problem with it? but if i don’t bring my camera, somehow its wrong? :confused: