100% combo, all characters used, tag in combo, 1 super

i was bored and accidentally found this out. people might know already, but who cares. i found it out by accident

Magneto, storm, ironman. doesnt matter what order as long as mags is first

launch + storm projectile /\ sj.hk, addf, hp, hk / projectile hits, c.hk (delay as late as possible, character is popped up TAG ironman, tag kick HITS, infinite to corner about 40 hits xx proton cannon.

tips if you cant do it: make sure the last rep of the infinite you are jumping straight up not u/f. it makes the proton cannon hit more solid (sometimes the charcacter pops up a little resulting in less damage). also, make sure storm is completely off the screen before you try and tag. you can tag pretty late and it will still work

if you cant get the juggle action from magnetos c.hk then try launch /\ hk, addf hk (do pretty slow) storm projectile hits, c.lk, c.hk

cant roll, cant mash, one super, all 3 characters get a piece of that ass, very simple, how fucking sweet is that?

its pretty much open for any tag, so free combos with any character you want

c.hp+IM-AA sj.hp addb MT ROM til dead

What is “MT” or is “MT ROM” the official name of that inf?

This thread really got my hopes up. Does anyone know a Magneto 100% (or near)combo that doesn’t involve another partner? Or resets? (Of course without resets, but people post them anyways)

MT is the acronym for Magnetic Tempest (QCF+2K). ROM is the popular name for the sj infinite [sj.lk sj.mk addf sj.d+lk sj.mk].

I don’t believe there are any ways to do 100% in a single Mag combo without assists.

EDIT: You can do multiple HGxxMTs, but those are escapable.

c.hk xx sj add hk, hk , slide infinite for 10 hits, rom as long as possible does good damage

but this thread wasnt really made just for 100% combos. more because i thought it was cool that you can use all three characters, tag, use one super, and kill the opponent off in one combo. there arent many combos that allow you to do that… “OH SHIT, his entire team just wooped my ass with one super AND he had time to tag in the middle of it” catch my drift? hah

hey techmaster I know someone who does that combo ur talking about. Also they do it with ne character so it doesnt matter. After u tag out u should really kill their whole team cause iron man can guard break the next opponent. I have seen many ppl get perfected that way.