100% combo: "i did it!"

After about 30 min I finally got it down…

Playing on PS2 seems to help alot.

Its not that hard once you get the timing of that first dash down.

You have any proof?? :slight_smile:

Bout time, fucker. Id’ve been done it too, but only DC stick.

do i have to make a video? HAHA.

Did you do it on Akuma/Remy? They take tons of damage and have a short stun meter anyway.

he’s talking about the good one. The one that works on pretty much everyone.

Jay, I tried that shit on DC a billion times and could never get it to work.

Yeah I know, I can’t put my finger on whats harder, I guess the dash timing. Btw lets go to NEC!(seriously)

Yeah, buy my plane ticket, lets go!

SOmeone tell me what the 100% combo is?

TGC : that’s the new 100% combo … the double dp after sa2 …which stuns…

and u can had triple dp on elena …

Triple DP on elena?

TGC - basicly you do SA2, then you dash and do a kara strong dragon with neutral roundhouse, then dash back and do a jab dragon to catch them on the way down and it does 100% on most characters.

100% stun he means… then you can follow up with a taunt, super, sj.tsurugi, hayate, hayate… That should do 100% life dmg to most chars.

I never tried to 3 dp on elena, but it works like this i believe:

super, RHkara strong DP, dash, jab dp, LKkara jab dp

Hmm i still can’t do it? You have to kara the first DP? And does it have to be with neutral roundhouse? Cause i have problems canceling that period. And what’s the timing after the mp dp to dash? Is it immediete? And there are times where the body bounces back and fourth, so to me it’s kinda random.

Bleh i’m such a scrub!!! But i’m learning :tup:

Things I’ve Noticed:

Early Dash: Must be inputted RIGHT after she kicks the guy and goes for the fukiage in SAII. Looks REALLY wierd, but it works.

First DP: Must be RHKara’d IMMEDIATELY following the dash. Must also be MP

Second Dash: Must dash IMMEDIATELY after Opponent hits your fist. Because of the original early dash, and early DP, as soon as the opponent hits your fukiage, you will be in your original stance, and be able to dashback

Second Fukiage: put it out ASAP… there is a TINY bit of leeway here, but put it out as soon as you can for the hit. MUST BE LP.


great tips, man. when are you going to come down to the ATL to play some 3s? We have a pretty chill scene here…

i stopped trying…

i suck at video games :sad:

Nah don’t give up, i tried the fukiage after a SAII for awhile, before i got it down. Now it’s simple, now just gotta learn the harder stuff.

Thanks archer, what i really gotta practice is RHKara DP, cause it’s no where near like s.lk karas

Haunts: Haha, i’d love to travel the states, but damn man, we live on complete opposite sides of North America… I’m in BC Canada, you’re in Georgia… that shit’s far… maybe at Evo we can chill… closest place i usually go to is Seattle.

MrQuotes: This combo means shit all to being a good Makoto… i win high level matches without it man… its just something, if you pull it off, you win for sure… so yeah… its hard to recover from like, 80% health loss hahaha… dont give up!

TGC: true, its nothing like lk karas, but its much MUCH easier to learn… just do the dp motion, then drum your fingers over RH + MP…

so basically, DP motion, back to neutral, drum fingers over RH + MP… I have big hands, so i use my ring finger for the RH, and my middle finger for the MP… just do that quickly, and you should get it every time.

I win matches without this combo too, but this just makes my life easier.

I practiced it …i only got it like 20% of the time, the karaing that is. Never got it during a combo. Oh well, just gotta work at it … :tup:

Thanks though.